Regions Northeast

Although the reduction of the level of absolute illiteracy, the eradication of this problem seems to be happening the slow steps, mainly in the Regions Northeast and North. Cabinets insists that this is the case. Therefore it has that if to work very with the children, since the Infantile Education for, in elapsing of the pertaining to school life they fully construct to its formation alfabetizada citizen for its effective participation in the society. It has approximately one decade the abilities to read, to write are evaluated in Brazil through the INAF? Pointer of Functional Alfabetismo, for the Institute Pablo Montenegro, (tied with the IBOPE – Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics) and the functional illiteracy persists enters youngest. It already was 22% (2001). Today, still (2009) add 15% (one tero of the Brazilian young population) and the possibility to eradicate it is still distant. Research INAF is made by national sampling with two a thousand resident people in the zones urban and agricultural of all the regions of Brazil with the objective of mensurar the levels of alfabetizao of the Brazilian population with the purpose to stimulate the public debate and to support politics of Education and Culture. A test with activities of reading, writing is applied and calculation (that it will not be question of study in this work), as well as questionnaires for survey of sociocultural information of the respondents. From 2007 this statistics it passed to be made to each two years.

The index, divulged to each two years shows a picture of the domain of the reading and the writing of the Brazilian population. People with up to 64 years are interviewed and answer the tests. The results gotten for individuals between 15 and 24 years directly indicate the degree of alfabetismo of the pupils of the Brazilian schools and the problem reaches all the escolaridade levels. The INAF/Brasil (Indicating of Functional Alfabetismo) of 2007 and later in 2009 brings important alert on the guarantee necessity of an education of quality, to to disclose, for example, the reduction of the ratio of those fully alfabetizados in the group with escolaridade of 5 8 series: Still, according to INAF, exist four levels of alfabetismo, namely: – illiteracy: the individuals, in this level, do not obtain to carry through simple tasks of reading and simple writing of words and phrases (considered illiterate absolute? not functional); – rudimentary: the individuals locate only explicit information in short and familiar texts (considered illiterate functionaries); – basic: the individuals obtain to read and to write texts of average extension and locate information with small inference (considered alphabetical functionaries, however not fully); – full: the individuals understand all the terms of a society scholar: longer texts, relating, comparing, interpreting, inferring, thinking and synthecizing.