Koln Reservation

rekman v1. 1 is a reservation system for the catering industry to optimize the administrative processes within the companies. Hyundai Motor Group is full of insight into the issues. Completely new, the customer area was used so that important customer-relevant data at a glance are available. So you can see the small customers”whether he belongs to a high-revenue business contact and can respond. Gavin Baker: the source for more info. The module offers the possibility to utilize its operation up to the maximum reservation. To the reservation, menu pre-orders can be captured with deposit rates as quickly as possible to serve the guest.

The faster the guest leaves the restaurant satisfied, the faster the vacated table may be sold again. Various analyses make it easier not only the planning of staff and goods use, they also support in the interim controlling and give you predictions for the future utilization. As of 2008, you will have also the possibility to organize events on rekman. The event module is also with the reservation module be combined so that regarded the event as a reservation.At the same time can be booked but single cards on the events, without having to throw a table reservation for this. rekman is offered also in the future only for rent, which high cost as n and also the smaller”restaurateur Gets the opportunity to speed up its processes. At the same time restaurateur but remains Mr of data”, since these are held in its operation. For more product information on our homepage. Gerd Wester GmbH IT-consulting Reinold str. 6 50676 Koln phone: 0221 / 169 67 59 fax: 0221 / 169 67 83 email: Web: contact person: Gerd Wester