Structural Works For 3rd Site Is – Self – Storage Celebrates Topping-out Ceremony

“The team celebrated on April 10 by self – storage waters the completion of the roof at the topping-out ceremony at the third Hamburg location in the Kieler Strasse/Stellingen on April 10th is celebrated by self – storage the team” the completion of the roof on the third Hamburg location in the Kieler Strasse/Stellingen waters traditionally at the topping-out ceremony. At the same time begins the construction of the fourth Hamburg SelfStorage branch in Spaldingstrasse/North Canal Street. With the opening of both self storage sites in early July and at the end of 2008, then a total of 4,000 compartments as storage space available are hamburgers. This self has chosen the locations of the buildings that the inhabitants within can hit their storerooms minutes 5-10. Water skiing, dinghy or moving boxes at a self – storage”fits everything, what is too bulky for your own four walls.

In addition, that the locations within a few car minutes can be reached. Because of the Hamburg want to put back before he can stab with his boat in Lake not many kilometres from home up to the compartment. Convenient and easy to find the warehouse, unless they are also public transport very well connected by public transport or car. It is the customers on sports equipment, furniture, books and other stuff to get especially important quickly and easily. In addition, the holdings in our warehouses must be housed in clean, safe and dry.

Otherwise, he could deal right through the crowded and humid cellar, stumble over countless things, and find his rubber dinghy in a moldy corner. Alone the demand no longer sufficient after more space, to convince city residents, who have a small, damp or even a basement of self, “Managing Director of self – storage explains Martin Gerhardus”. Clean and dry compartments are guaranteed. Three self storage locations in Hamburg are newly built and a Building was completely renovated. A multi-level security system provides for optimum safety. Only customers with an individual access code can the self site enter daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 in the evening. It is especially important to us that customers feel safe and secure self storage. A window at the end of every corridor ensures brightness and soft music from loudspeakers for a pleasant atmosphere. All cameras and movement sensors are”Gerhardus closes proudly. In addition, a private security guard protects the system from 22:00 clock all night. Jorg rad

The Tombs

City of Teucro know the great necropolis which stretches between the forest of Salamis, the people of Enkomi and the former monastery of San works of art Bernabe.
The necropolis of Salamis covers c. 7 KMA gallery in the east of the city. It contains a museum displaying some of the findings and tombs dating from the geometric period until the Hellenistic period.
The oldest graves in the necropolis dating from the eleventh century a. C., and are distinguished by the richness and the presence of objects imported from Asia and the Greek mainland.
In VII and VIII centuries a. C., wealth appears to be galleries accentuated, with a similar phenomenon to that in the West, Greece and Italy, especially in Etruria, is known as Oriental: the tombs are built of local stone blocks within graves too art shallow, preceded by a monumental entrance and an access corridor.
In the sepulchral chambers are usually made in two antiquities burials followed a period not very considerable, including funeral carriages pulled by horses or donkeys especially. The animals were slaughtered and buried in the access corridor. Besides the horses were buried disassembled the car, the harness, the objects of furniture, huge ceramic vessels, bronze, etc..
Some graves were covered with a mound.
The best preserved tombs have been called to “Tombs reales ‘cars and contain extremely rich burial offerings and even imported from Egypt and Syria. A tomb excavated in 1965 by the French mission of the exhibition University of Lyon uncovered an extraordinary amount of funerary objects, also testified that sustained trade relations with the Middle East.
Although Salamis had contacts with the Middle East during the VIII and VII centuries a. C., there were also links with the Aegean. A royal tomb contains a large amount of pottery and geometrical said that dowry was a Greek princess who married someone of the royal family of Salamis. The family art business, incorporated as , is currently run by Hicham and an extremely successful art dealer and trader Also found in tombs of ceramic citizens. In this era, in which the Greeks were being loaded on an expansion eastward to found colonies in Asia Minor and Syria should serve Salamina season, it has been suggested that the Greek Cypriots helped in their adventure.
Have been exploring a necropolis of tombs carved into the rock, and a short access corridor, which could have been used for generations as family graves. From time immemorial the tombs have been looted. has done tremendously well on the international art scene, thanks to among the many pieces of tremendous historical value Apparently, many of the jewelry worn by women and men came from the medieval necropolis of Salamis. Even in the nineteenth century, the jewels of the S.A. dowry of many young people were identified as Mycenae, Greek or Roman.

Al-Ahram Weekly
The conflict between Egypt and Germany over the 3400-year-old iconic bust of Queen Nefertiti is back on the ground after the discovery of a 1924 document disclosing the mysterious story behind Germany holds the Nefertiti bust.
Al-Ahram Weekly
On Wednesday of last week, Gisr Al-Mudir area located on the south-western corner of King artifacts Djoser’s Step Pyramid complex exhibits in the Saqqara necropolis was strewn with archaeologists, workers and representatives of the media as the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) Secretary-General Zahi Hawass and his team prepared for the members of the public the first glimpse of the most recent discovery of old …
The State
Illuminated only by torches and the camera lights, Egyptian workers used crowbars and picks Wednesday to lift the lid from a 2600-year-old limestone sarcophagus, exposed – for the first time since he was sealed in antiquity – a perfectly preserved mummy. The mummy, wrapped in dark-colored cloth, is part of Egypt’s latest archaeological discovery of a burial chamber 36 meters underground.