The Employer

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It all starts with what we have, unexpectedly, we discover that other people begin to experience painful progress. We are talking to myself, "someone stronger than I," "a someone else – is, as I have – no. Credit: Jeffrey Lacker-2011. " Yes indeed, most people have a tendency to try on someone else's life and think about what would like to live myself. But it is very difficult to admit myself that that other person has more than I did, because perhaps he, or his parents made a great effort, knowledge and skills than I or my parents. And then a feeling of envy, which many people can not recognize myself in, begins to manifest itself as a feeling of own powerlessness, frustration, resentment, or anxiety. Difficult situation. Cyrus Madon is the source for more interesting facts.

Important time to tell yourself "Stop!" And try to get these feelings under control. It is very difficult, because the strength of will of all people are different. The third case- person is under the influence. Actually, it is a manipulation that prevented him from moving to its own objectives and act in accordance with their wishes. Sometimes, in extreme cases we are talking about sects groups, parties with their own interests and ideology. Such a group may be a corporation in which the person works.

Not a little manipulation takes place in the interest of the employer. There must be a third-party intervention, again, a competent specialist who can show the point of manipulative influence and help to see the deception. The fourth case – people accompanying a foreign way of life.


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Exclusive souvenirs to order in a group of companies' RekHouse'Dlya everyone thing that gave him the road anyway. Jeffrey Lacker has similar goals. Road as a reminder of how and on what occasion it is presented to someone. Whenever Brookfield Asset Management listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Road as a sign of attention and care. What to do if you want not just to please people, but also to surprise him with unusual your gift? In this case you are interested in the project "Exclusive souvenirs made of metal, stone, wood, PVC, PVC and glass." Souvenir, which offered to your attention, really unusual. They are unusual, above all, that they are not ready to option products shipped from the warehouse, and a very special, made individually for Your order produkt.Spetsialisty group of companies 'RekHouse' develop and izgotavyat for you gifts and souvenirs – will perform them in order. We will consider with all of your wishes, whatever they may have been unexpected. We develop together with You design things. We discuss all possible options for materials that can be done your souvenir or gift.

We use the latest tehnologii.Vashemu offer you a wide range of products from metal. This is different corporate icons clips, cufflinks, pendants, pendants. This medal and medallions, medals and ribbons. Key rings (trinkets), badges, nameplates, signs, certificates, tokens and nomerki, models, statues and stelae, nameplates on household appliances and office equipment nameplates, badges (logos and emblems) for cars. Labels, labels, and the nameplate on the bottle, as well as accessories for leather goods and furniture. Metal badge – common in many cases, a necessary component of corporate identity, observance of which is an important element of corporate culture.

Nations Social Development

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Issues to be raised Codes of conduct are thematically related to corporate social responsibility. Others who may share this opinion include Brookfield Asset Management. Several researchers have pointed out that codes of conduct involving the risk of displacing the importance of international and national regulatory requirements. The Research Institute of the United Nations Social Development (UNRISD) has been estimated at hundreds of company codes of conduct exist. This is a very small amount to reach the multinational corporations that operate globally, estimated at 65,000 by UNCTAD headquarters, which have about 850,000 foreign affiliates in all countries, and employ the majority of workers by subcontractors and third. The unions and some NGOs have criticized the unilateral nature of codes of conduct and noted that many times only aim to produce an improved public image of companies.The lack inclusion of suppliers, subcontractors and outsourced companies, codes of conduct has also been pointed out by unions and NGOs as a serious drawback of these, because that is where most work and where workers produce Most violations. It also discusses the legal validity of these and ways of enforcing it.

Job Employees

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Thus killed two birds with one stone selected effective recruiters and closed Job … The relationship with candidates. Established the so-called "Bill of Rights candidates" who are writing to set standards for relationships with all potential bidders. $ 25 for failure. The candidates who receive the refusal to interview, as compensation will receive a certificate for $ 25, which is activated if the applicant will open an account at the bank. This measure mitigates the negative effect of failure and makes possible dissatisfied candidates for potential clients. Read additional details here: Ron Ohanley. It is believed that all candidates for the job, but it is, and bank customers. And if handled correctly, they still bring profit to the bank …

results and outcomes. Here, David Fowler expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Have unique methods of recruitment are not enough. They do not make sense if the company does not create a competitive advantage, do not provide measurable results and increase profits. Here are some results achieved complex methods of "aggressive recruiting" described in 1 and 2 of this article: – In 2004, the Bank lured the best pros in 107 competitors, while he at the same time lost only fifty-one expert, in 2005, things got better and the score was 68: 25 … favor of our bank – the average closing time jobs decreased to 18 days – the total cost of searching for candidates decreased by 50% – 45% increase in the number of free advice from the candidates – the cost of services recruitment agencies fell by 78% – improved quality of employees hired, according to appraisals by …% – increased satisfaction of internal customers – line managers – 35% reduction in the number of dismissal during the probationary period – the company was registered in professional competitions, as the most innovative in the matter of recruitment, which also worked positively on the image of the employer. Despite these impressive results, work still have something. Here are some of our plans for the Bank in the near future: – to update corporate website, making a convenient feedback from prospective employees – enhancing its brand at the level state, go to the level of fame and obscheamerikanskoy further to the international level: – to introduce a program to encourage line managers in effective recruitment, development and retention – with increasing popularity of the bank he may soon become a target for the "bounty hunters" and poachers staff … So should pay particular attention to the serious measures to retain employees – in order to save time and resources will be even more use of online techniques for assessing, interviewing and interactive communication with candidates – to prepare a plan of active selection and promotion of talent in branches and regions; As the war for talented employees increases with each passing month, the success will be those companies that practice a new, active and even aggressive methods of recruiting …

VLC Player

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Today there are so many different video and audio formats, and all we usually need from these files – so it just by double clicking the mouse to start viewing the video. However, once downloaded Windows Media Player (WMP) and tells us that the appropriate codec is not installed, and he can not play the video. This is the most unpleasant moment with WMP, which robs us of a lot of time. However, WMP can do some useful things, such as With its help it is convenient to copy a few new tracks from a new CD drive or listen to the mp3 recording. However, in most cases, WMP is not quite easy to use. There is a free alternative player WMP – free media player VLC, which can perform more tasks and thus more efficiently. VLC probably the best video player. This cross-platform media player which is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other operating systems.

In the VLC player already incorporated almost all the codecs that you can imagine. It will save you a lot of time and you do not have to look on the internet the correct codec for video playback. VLC is able to progryvat any video and audio formats. Another useful feature of VLC player is that he can play corrupted files, or nedokachennyh. If you try to open the damaged file in WMP, it immediately generates an error message and it will not be play, but VLC just skip the damaged or missing parts of the file and continue to play a video.

Also very lightweight VLC Player, which uses the minimum memory and system resources, result, your computer will slow down less and play more videos. Another great feature VLC, which I really like it – is that it can play an archive file, such as. Rar or. Zip, and you do not need to spend time to unpack them, which is certainly very convenient.

Design Studio

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Here, the brightest and most cheerful color in vpletutsya animation and joy of our children. Great help in organizing events will be Design Studio 'Art Emotions', which specializes in the design of balloons. Believe me, in a whirl of organizational concerns are best left to the professionals work, reserving the role of conductor in this festive 'orchestra'. Especially, that these, without doubt, the creative people have vast experience in design of any celebrations – and it's Graduation balls at the school, birthdays and anniversaries, events and sports events, various advertising and PR-campaigns, corporate and presentations and much, much more. But the 'horse' 'Art Emotions' – is, of course, weddings. The most striking and long-awaited holiday in the lives of women (and men too, but they never are recognized) wedding requires maximum attention to every detail, and so such key things as design wedding hall should be just perfect. Over the shoulders of designers 'Art Emotions' more than one hundred various weddings, from the lush multi-day festivals in luxury estates to modest (but 'tasteful') Celebrations for the closest.

Wedding decoration – it is always a flight of fancy: you do not like the usual heart and the arch? No problem! Our heroes have in the arsenal of highly unusual decision, but will not disclose all the secrets. A Or maybe you feel the strength to create their own composition of balloons? Designers Designers will be happy to assist you – always fun to work with creative people. Someone might say that there is a complex – balls some. Hard to accept it when you need to inflate the complex composition of hundreds or thousands of balls. So was the case in which a family have decided to inflate the balloons and decorate their rooms. It was the New Year. They noon, six of them, along with children and a grandmother, and sat down to inflate the balloons, then they were hung, after several unsuccessful attempts to contact them from the tree, and … asleep, and not waiting the traditional battlefield Courant.

Why spoil a holiday, rather than to create it? From all those grueling pre-holiday hassle you will save in the studio aerodizayna 'Art Emotions'. They have everything – from smart ideas to the necessary equipment for the real implementation of these ideas in the shortest possible time. After a time to work with these professionals will want to go again. Before getting acquainted with them, and many are not aware of the existence of such areas as aerodizayn. And in vain, because the balloons – it's always a sense of celebration, as each of us, no matter how many years we were still a child lives. Thanks to people who, through their imagination and energy give us a good mood and feeling of holiday!

Mortgage Bank

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Choose a mortgage bank loans have become an integral part of our life is good or bad to say difficult, each has its own view on this statement, but sometimes life dictates its own rules, and here to help us comes a mortgage loan. With the help of a mortgage loan can not only buy an apartment, but to improve their living conditions. There are also mortgages and to purchase new buildings, there are mortgages and to buy country house. At the moment, mortgage loan granted by such banks kakDeltCredit Bank is Russia's first specialized mortgage bank commercial. The bank is one of the top three mortgage lending among Russian financial kompaniy.VTB 24 – one of the largest banks controlled by state-owned bank OAO Vneshtorgbank. Sberbank of Russia – the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe, the leading bank in Russia. Source: Jeffrey Lacker. Founder and principal shareholder of the Bank – Central Bank of Russian Federation (Bank of Russia).

Rosbank-Stock Commercial Bank 'Rosbank' – a multi-private financial institution, one of the leaders of the Russian banking sistemy.BSGV – universal bank that offers its clients, both corporate and private, a wide range of banking products and services. The Bank is a 100% subsidiary of Societe Generale group, * among the 20 largest Rossii.RosEvroBank banks – commercial bank, is among the 50 largest banks in Russia. In this list we have for you include only those banks that provide mortgages to the most favorable terms for its borrowers. In each of these banks have several mortgage programs designed for different occasions. For example, programs designed to buy an apartment on the secondary market are not suitable for shopping new buildings, and the program designed to improve housing issues may not be advantageous for a simple purchase of an apartment.

Subtleties in the selection of mortgage programs very much, so it is difficult to determine what mortgage program selected. Here are a few examples, not always the case, so that the mortgage program with a minimum annual interest rate will be most beneficial. As a rule, our experts in choosing mortgage program evaluated a range of factors such as the annual percentage rate on the loan, the costs of obtaining credit approval, the costs of obtaining the loan itself at the time of the transaction, the ability to early redemption (dates, fines, commissions). Possibility in the future registration of minors. The possibility of future rental to. Such factors that may influence the choice of mortgage programs, you see a huge amount. So if there is the need to choose the mortgage program, the more factors will be considered when selecting the better will credit

Mistakes Recruiters

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Now is not the cadres decide everything! With growing competition for the best minds and talents crucial acquire the personnel who are looking for staff! Companies should pay more attention to performance and quality of HR-department in general and internal recruiters, in particular. It is necessary to analyze how effective recruiters in filling key positions, is the real return on the methods they use. C terms of professional headhunter, to which the work of recruiters should pay attention to? What kind of mistakes they make in their work? Internal recruiters are engaged not so much searching as easy selection. Because of huge flow of a summary of their work is reduced mainly to try to identify the best candidates from the mass. They are simply taking "that give" rather than looking for what they want. Restrict search to only those people who "came to themselves," which actively looking for work at this very moment – so narrow circle of the search. Search for those who really want your company to choose from and that is – two different things.

Corporate recruiting for the most part was a passive process viewing the summary mass. What should I do? Internal recruiters should think more and act as a headhunter. Companies better to have 2 groups of recruiters: 1-I work with those candidates who are actively looking for work and send resume on the job, the 2nd group is working with professionals who are satisfied with their jobs and do not search for jobs, with the so-called "Passive" candidates.

Pleasing Children

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Everything that we do everything for children! Children, as they equip Therefore, to think ahead, the child was not born yet, but we are already planning how to equip a nursery. According to experts, many plays in the upbringing of the child, including the world around him a child’s room, the palette of colors, shades, all kinds of soft toys, etc. After his childhood – one of the main stages of development and formation of habits, perceptions. Everything that surrounds your child, give rise to knowledge of the world. And for this reason alone room for a child must be multifunctional. It may also be rides, and shop, and maybe a mini-stadium. The kid lives as if the world’s wonders, and parents for the baby – will be fabulous magicians who are able to create the world around him.

Therefore, let us properly come to the question of the proper arrangement of the nursery. For example, you can create a room theme of the sea, pirates, baby it will always be fabulous. Credit: J Bruce Flatt-2011. In nastoeschee time, a large assortment of children’s walls, both finished and you can dial in modules, the main thing would be a desire, a desire to eat! Imagine how beautiful and interesting to look bed-to-ship, carrying away your baby in a dream sweet dreams. Wallpaper pick in a light-blue hues, thus imitating boundless sea. Jonathan Segal FAIA contains valuable tech resources. Cabinets are designed to give the cabins, the captain’s bridge, and put a small chest, filling it with all sorts of toys, like hidden pirate treasures. Fantasies may be endless.

And all this furniture can decorate yourself or buy ready-made kits. But do not forget, children should be spacious, have a minimum of furniture, what would the child have more free space (for games). An important factor in placing a child playing, and question the safety of your child’s room should be warm, well- ventilated, look carefully outlets, doorways to prevent possible risks. Purchase furniture with rounded corners to avoid all possible risks, possible bed with a big back. In Nowadays, the fashion came in bunk beds, they are comfortable for families with two children, but many of them buy those that have the same kid since lower tier serves as a playground. To prevent children’s doodles on the walls, mounted on a wall board for drawing. As for colors: Apply light colors. It may be yellow or orange (warm), as well as light blue (calm). And finally, create the conditions in the room such that your baby is comfortable in his child-room, and then he will grow up happy and harmonious development.

Nouveau Kitchen

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Furniture of the xxi century in addition to matching the style and beauty to be satisfy the requirements of technological development. Click Jeffrey Lacker to learn more. In the kitchen there are many complex modern appliances – from refrigerators to coffeemakers, from toaster to oven. Saturation of the classic kitchen accessories and devices are not inferior to the kitchens, settled in the mod key. Also in the classical setting there should be nothing superfluous. Therefore, creating modern furniture masters, while preserving the classical rigor, give furniture modern features: Integrated dishwasher and hood, carefully concealing them.

So the harmony of classical style with the requirements of modern comfort and technological progress. Classical furniture designed for quiet and respectable people do not change the interior to suit the fashion. Classics bought a long time and, as a work of art, is inherited. If you would like to know more about Jonathan Segal FAIA, then click here. Modern Modern as the style for the kitchen sets appeared in the early 20 th century in Germany. It incorporates the design features of the Scandinavian countries. The purpose of this style – to produce a simple impression. In this connection, kitchen sets Nouveau impossible to find any fanciful shapes.

However, room for experimentation remains, which allows exclusively to fulfill any whim of the customer. The dignity of contemporary styles – imaginative lack of a standard. It is a real field for design factory "" model "Liter". and technical experiments, as a result of which there are the most striking and impressive creations. Another advantage of the kitchen in a modern style, an abundance of technology, especially built, which serves as a reliable assistant in the preparation of tasty dishes and frees your time. In the manufacture of kitchen uses the latest materials and modern design, which allow for ergonomic kitchen space, where each detail thoroughly. One word of modern cuisine – the modern solution for those who appreciate comfort, practicality and elegance with the latest technology. Hi-Tech high-tech style characteristic of underscore the artificiality of the human environment. This directly applies to the kitchen. Kitchens in high-tech feature modern style, vivid detail, bold and expressive contours, are popular, among the amateurs of all new and modern, and among the fans of classic style. This style is characterized by the use of metal surfaces, glass and stone. The kitchen in this style will make your home bright, Factory "Rimi" model "Nicole". individual note, sounding the rhythm of the modern world. High-tech is almost completely negates the use of natural materials. However, it is the material here comes to the role. Immersion owner in the kitchen unreal, fantastic environment, contributes to a bizarre game of materials, their colors. To gain experience using a contrasting color. Great attention is paid to lighting. This style kitchen unit involves additional lighting – both indirect lighting, and directional lights. Meet clean style solutions today is extremely difficult. In most cases, the furniture manufacturers have basic options that can offer clients as a major. On this basis, the customer, taking a direct part in the design, can he put together the scenario that it will be to your taste. Options for furniture hi-tech kitchen is only limited by your imagination