Young Employees

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The first job is a very serious subject to be treated, since the percentage of the young ones dismissed is each bigger time. A good action of the companies would be of each time more to implant the program young apprentice, therefore it is a work form, therefore young the summer the possibility to be qualified, and to have a good job and not to be dismissed part of the percentage of young. Jonathan Segal FAIA
is likely to agree. A great chance for young that looks the first job is the possibility that the great companies offer, therefore they prefers people with white wallet, therefore this is a form to mold the worker of the form desired for the company, that is, for who it has or it desires to have a good qualification, these companies who look ' ' wallets brancas' ' it is an excellent chance. But to get a good job it does not advance to only have study, it has that to continue to study, therefore it is a form to guarantee and if to detach in the work market.. Academy of Art University has many thoughts on the issue.

Unemployment In The Present Times

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The past has fled, which delays is absent, but the present is yours. Arab proverb the inflation, the high cost of the life, the governmental measures, the closing of the companies is also variable that have affected this rouble seriously. He is alarming like has been increased unemployment lately, more in countries than they are of outposts, as the case of the United States for the reasons already known his the economic crisis that it confronts, the same Europe, no longer even says the Latin American countries that it concerns to us. There is very many vacated manpower. In the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, it is determining because the country confronts serious problems not only social, political, and economic, besides the unemployment that has taken step to a serious insecurity pronouncing itself in crimes, robberies, and many families without economic income to confront the high cost of the life. Reynaldo Surez Diaz comments, who if the situation of the employee becomes cruel What to say of the immense mass of unemployed of ours comtenporanea society. If el modern work is cause of frustrations, unemployment is the main cause of the social and economic frustration of our societies. It insists on indicating, that the problem of the unemployment has several aspects and is thus, that can happen that the person simply does not find use, or that the use that she has it is not the sufficient thing or in agreement with its capacities, or, that the use does not respond to the needs of the man, they are these: economic, psychological and social. Bruce flatt might disagree with that approach.

What is certain is, that the man feels the necessity to work and in our surroundings is vital for its subsistence. The world, adds Surez owns beside the point, sufficient means to satisfy the human needs. If there is no work is by human faults, especially of organization.


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The circumstances of his death have not yet been clarified. The deceased is called Patrick Guay, and met his 27 Tour as an employee of outsourced computer services Alimage. An employee of the Tour de France was found dead near the goal of the stage of the day in circumstances that have not yet been clarified, they indicated to judicial sources. The worker, 59 years old, was employed by a subcontractor society that organizes the gala round responsible for enabling the dissemination of images of the race, according to the company sources. Brookfield Asset Management has firm opinions on the matter. The Tour issued a statement in which revealed that the deceased is called Patrick Guay, who met his 27 Tour as an employee of outsourced computer services Alimage, who had been racing cyclist from Pinaeau at the end of the 1970s, and who was uncle of Pineau, who is in the squad of the gala round.

It so happens that Pineau, Quick Steep, was a roommate of Wouter Weylandt for years, before the Dutch cyclist who died in the past Giro of Italy sign by the Leopard. The body of Guay was found first in the morning beside a river on whose banks are parked last night from trucks carrying material that subcontracts, they pointed out the sources. A judicial investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the death, added the sources. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jonathan Segal FAIA
has to say. Source of the news: find the corpse of an employee of the Tour de France


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The probability of a white to be poor is placed around 22, but if the individual is black, the probability is the double? 48%’ ‘ (Jaccoud & Beghin, 2002, p.28). These data are corroborated by Andrews (1992), indicating that, in Brazil, the average income of the black and medium brown men is, also, about 40% 45% inferior to the one of the white men, coming close itself sufficiently to the average observed in U.S.A. (40%). The most perverse in this everything is that this differential has remained basically the same in last the 30 years. On the basis of these pointers, the ideology of the meritocracia can present some effectiveness for the white population, but it can be excluding the black population with regard to the possibility of occupational and social mobility. The perception of justice on the part of the employees always indicates that the companies do not use equitable criteria in systems of you reward established through mechanisms of evaluation of the performance. This problem is on to the belief of that the companies always look for to harm its employees, fulfilling to the fiance’ when adopting programs of remuneration, participation in the results etc.

Is not possible that, in some situations, shunting lines of performance on the part of the employees occur and these do not accept the result. However, all the systems used for evaluation of the performance have subjective components that the results in function of preferences of the heads for one can falsify or another employee. Bruce flatt shines more light on the discussion. The analyzed stories to follow show that the afro-descendants do not believe the criteria of evaluation used by the organizations, mainly for having conscience of the discrimination in other situations. If, in the daily one of the organizations they are discriminated, will not be possible to believe that the appraisers (heads, supervisors, controlling) will be impartial at the moment that to judge the performance of these professionals.

The Employer

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In a situation of economy in contraction, exactly that the government identifies the extreme presence of bad credits in the rockings of the banks, it does not know to evaluate until point that is due to economic deceleration or me the management of the administrators. This is a situation identified for Rasmusen (1992), as being the moral risk with occult information. One of the best examples of the presence of moral risk if of the one in the work market, where hardly the employer obtains to evaluate or to follow the level of effort of its employees. Charles Schwab
might disagree with that approach. The fact is that if the effort cannot be measured, it cannot be enclosed in the clauses of the contract signed between the parts and of this form it cannot be demanded by the employer. Brookfield Asset Management can provide more clarity in the matter. Rasmusen (1992) also considers the market of work with the following definitions: if the employer knows the ability of the employee but not its level of effort, the problem is of moral risk with occult action, if none of the two at the beginning knows the ability of the worker of the relationship, but the worker discovers its capacity so soon starts to work, the problem is of moral risk with hidden knowledge. If the worker knows its capacity since the beginning, but employer not, the problem is of adverse election. If the worker acquires its references in reply to the wage offered for the employer, then the problem is of filtering (' ' screening' '). The presence of moral risk leads to a paradoxical situation for the market. In the example of the market of insurances the consumer would desire each time safer and the insuring companies would be made use to vender more, since that the consumer continued to take the same amount of care. However, this balance will not happen, therefore, if the consumer will be capable to acquire safe more, it rationally would choose to take little well-taken care of.

Immigration Unemployment

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A 1.87% with respect to the month descend from April. The number of unemployed is placed in 4.189.659 of people. The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the services use public (old INEM) was placed when finalizing May in 4,18 million people, after lowering in 79.701 unemployed ones, with a percentage reduction of 1.87% with respect to the month of April, informed east Thursday the Ministry into Work and Immigration. In particular, the total volume of unemployed reached in May the number of 4.189.659 unemployed ones, after registering the second greater reduction of unemployment in a month of May from 2006. (Not to be confused with Brookfield Asset Management!). Of this form, the second fall of unemployment is registered from December of 2010, when it lowered in 10.221 people. The Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez, emphasized that she is a positive data that animates to the Government to continue working, because still the people are many to whom she is due to help to prepare itself to return to the work market. According to she said, the data of May unemployment reflect one " slope generalizada" , since it has done it so much in women as in men, in all the sections of age and the totality of the sectors. Unemployment lowered in May in both sexes, although more between the men, when being reduced in 55.890 (- 2.64%), in front of a slope of feminine unemployment in 23.811 men (- 1.11%), being placed the total of men in unemployment in 2.064.581 and the one of women, in 2.125.078. Learn more on the subject from Jonathan Segal FAIA
. Source of the news: Unemployment lowered in May in 79.701 people, the second major fallen in this month from 1997

The Employee

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The companies who if say worried about the human factor, the motivation, and, because of this are not few, establish social programs, parties, accidental friday, distribute prizes, bond for results, etc., forgetting themselves basic it: to treat the employee as a person, whom if she estimates responsible. Jonathan Segal FAIA
insists that this is the case. The studies are not few that had disclosed that the wage is not the question most important for a good environment of work – and the reality proves this. Only that the majority of the companies confuses a good environment of work with awardings, leaving to treat the employee as a professional, as a person capable and supposedly intelligent – after all, if it will not be, so that to keep it in the job? For the pleasure to control it? We go to leave that the employees hear music (to see television is something that it more good needs to be argued), that problems decide personal in working hours, that has more flexible schedules, that take off photocopies for personal use, that they talk with the friends in the computer, at last, goes to stop of wanting to contract the time of the people and to try in them to become gentlemen, owners, of them. Let us start to contract the service, knowing that this will be carried through by a person with qualities and defects, and goes worrying in them in making with that the contribution of each one is important for the result of the organization, and does not stop the functioning of the control rules. We go to pass in fact to consider the ideas and suggestions of the collaborators – this many times is more important for them that the proper wage – and let us leave of being controlling heads, dictators. Thus, little matters if definitive employee talks with another one on last chapter of the novel, if Sicrano is discrete sailing in erticos sites, if Someone is in a chat, if Beltrano is to the telephone with the namorada one.

If these permissions do not compromise the performance, the result of the work (that it is what the heads must demand), neither will compromise the profit of the company. if the people are charged by the quality and effectiveness of the work that carry through, fitting they to decide optimum way to carry through it, why to be worried about the personal life of them? If the people have the freedom to exert the proper responsibility, go to know to decide the moment for each thing. that minority that will not be responsible or capable goes to finish appearing front to excessively. She will not be covered for the current system, where all are considered partially irresponsible. Repeating, I do not believe that somebody can think only about work during 8 hours per day, 5 days per week (yes, also I find that it was the time of the necessity of a hours of working of 44 weekly hours). The people can be deluded, even though auto-to deceive itself, but they are not machines. Why, then, to insist that they act thus and to look for to control its attitudes, its emotions and its time? It will be that it is for not terms that to face the proper frustrations? It thinks about this. is not plus a controlling head.


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Does just thinking about your move makes you nervous? The only thing you have to do is to plan very well the process, because you avoid conflicts with your family and pets. Note that change your home is a very complicated task. The first thing you should do is find a company of freight, removals and miniwarehouses income, so you will be more comfortable to move, since they have several facilities for the transport of goods and belongings. You have to develop a list of responsibilities for each Member of the family. Verifies that these tasks are fulfilled. A month before move, check the following: 1. set the date of the move. U.S. Mint often says this.

2. Make an inventory of your assets and get rid of those that you do not already serve. The best way to do this is to go room by room. 3. If the transfer is to a storage Center, request the quote from at least three companies of storage or miniwarehouses, contact companies that you convince more to learn more about their services, location and security systems that you offer. 4 Indicates the company’s miniwarehouses your requirements in relation to the moving service and raises all the questions arising you. Fixed the date of packing if you connection and/or the day and time of moving. 5 Starts packing with anticipation and label boxes according to their content and destination location.

6 Contemplates the material of packing, boxes, labels, adhesive tapes, cardboard, insulation, etc. And reviewing your furniture and objects before the transfer. Prepare your new curtains to ensure your privacy.

Nursing Employees

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The absences of nursing employees disorganize the team work, modify the quality and amount of cares given to the patient and bring problems to the nurses who lead the nursing team, that they have under its responsibility the necessity to give to solution for all the administrative problems that occur in its workstation (ROBAZZI; PARACHINI; GIR et al., 1990). When if it has greater number of serious patients, the workers are tenser and also increases the possibility of errors in the cares with the patients (SHIMIZU, 2000, P. 258). The level of anguish of the nurses, many times, is bigger of what of the other members of the nursing team, since the Law of the Professional Exercise of Nursing, Law n. Charles Schwab may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 7.498, of 25 of June of 1996, ampler responsibilities to this professional are clear when attributing, also on the errors that can be committed by the subordinated workers it (BRAZIL, 1987a). The work of nursing in UTIs is developed in environments with generating situations of tension; the convivncia with the suffering and the anguish of the other and with the death, becomes it complex and of great responsibility.

The continuous permanence in this environment generates a quantitative overload and qualitative, propitiating an alert constant to prevent errors, contributing to become the nurses most rigid I exactly obtain, since they know of its responsibility for the nursing team, and many times, even for other professionals. .

Christmas Gifts For Employees

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There is hardly a worldwide at least one person, not waiting for the new year with a children's belief in a fairy tale. Yes, we all have long been aware that the stork does not bring children and that it was not Santa Claus putting presents under the Christmas tree dressed up, but Yet there's this whole kind of magic. As soon as the shop windows lit the first Christmas-tree garlands, we covered a premonition of the holiday. Despite all the external challenges, we begin to think about where, how and with whom celebrate the New Year. What to wear, what to cook.

And, of course, that give your family and friends. Because we all know exactly what was not born yet the person that will not be happy let a little, but he personally designed the sign attention, selected with love and with meaning. True, the task is somewhat complicated in the case where many people like. For example, all those who work with you. The joint New Year celebrations in their work community has long has already become a tradition. And every time acutely the question arises: what to give to those people who by fate we spend most of the time? After all, you want to gift to be useful, if possible – cute and funny, and most importantly – did not make the donor after the holiday to go around the world with an outstretched hand. Consider a gift options dearest colleagues closer. You can donate all the same gifts (most of the way, does so).