Nations Social Development

Issues to be raised Codes of conduct are thematically related to corporate social responsibility. Several researchers have pointed out that codes of conduct involving the risk of displacing the importance of international and national regulatory requirements. The Research Institute of the United Nations Social Development (UNRISD) has been estimated at hundreds of company codes of conduct exist. This is a very small amount to reach the multinational corporations that operate globally, estimated at 65,000 by UNCTAD headquarters, which have about 850,000 foreign affiliates in all countries, and employ the majority of workers by subcontractors and third. The unions and some NGOs have criticized the unilateral nature of codes of conduct and noted that many times only aim to produce an improved public image of companies.The lack inclusion of suppliers, subcontractors and outsourced companies, codes of conduct has also been pointed out by unions and NGOs as a serious drawback of these, because that is where most work and where workers produce Most violations. It also discusses the legal validity of these and ways of enforcing it.