Safe Infantile Beds

It is normal that in each stage of the growth of a son their parents worry to offer all the necessary attention him and also happens that as the boy grows his parents they have precise preoccupations, mainly when is small children. One of those important stages is when the moment arrives for leaving the cradle. Arrived that moment many parents they are against a challenge because in front of them they have an enormous variety of infantile furniture that causes that it is very difficult to choose the ideal. In many occasions the change of the cradle to the bed also means the transfer from the small one to its own infantile room and for the parents it supposes then to consider majors aspects that only the purchase of the adapted bed more. Perhaps one of the majors fear of all the parents it is the distance with small and the danger that something in its absence can happen it. Luckyly at present all the infantile dormitories can count on furniture adapted for the children who guarantee to you their security to him.

Of course, that is necessary that those furniture is movable infantile because therefore you only can be 100% certainly they fulfill all the norms of security. Several details exist that can give you an idea him of when it is the moment so that his son stops using his cradle and begins to sleep in a bed. The first and main one is when you notice since its cradle is not sufficiently great for the small one. Another clear sign that already it is hour to leave the cradle is when the chest of the boy agrees with the part of the horizontal bar superior of the cradle. In other cases, the moment is when the young one already can raise the bars of the cradle.

Perfect Presentation

The textile industry requires a selection of decorative and yet practical helpers to the attractive and clear presentation of their product range. Heilbronn/Leingarten, July 4, 2012: The textile industry needs a selection of decorative and yet practical helpers to the attractive and clear presentation of their product range. Decoration specialist Woerner takes not only a wealth of exceptional and fascinating decoration in his offer, but also offers a wide range of ready-made stands for all occasions. The XXL clothing stands specialises on heavy clothing, in height adjustable and extendable. Ring stand in single or double version as well as a special version with spiral shape take up little space. The double display stands with many adornments are outfitted with their attractive design and easy installation. To deepen your understanding kitchens is the source.

Hanger made of square tube with two to four arms, straight or bevelled shape, are to be regarded almost as a design object. Very handy for on the road are Travel roller stand with extremely space-saving folding technique. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With extra large wheels ride easily over cobblestones and are equipped with a practical textile storage as well as stabilized by a Crossbeam. Depending on the model there a collection bag or a breathable cotton cover.

Folded the roll stand can be easily with one hand carry. If you prefer clear and straight shapes, the clothes stand steel is”style ready at the factory. Of course, Worner also has an extensive collection of hangers from a variety of materials, forms and variants. Still, to optimize the presentation of goods, we recommend a look at the new mannequin catalogue 2012/2013. You may find Gavin Baker to be a useful source of information. There is an exclusive selection of mannequins, torsos, and tailor busts waiting over 60 pages. Order the new catalog autumn/Christmas 2012 and the mannequin catalogue free of charge 2012/2013 or visit the online shop at. Under Interested for free publication found pictures on the topic of clothing stands 2012. the following download link PR/ Picture Note: contact for the media: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel.

The Infantile Game

The INFANTILE GAME I listen to the songs of old woman cadences that the children sing when in group of people play. Antonio Machado. THE GAME IS A DEVELOPMENT SOURCE We live the last days of the Christmas vacations in which the children are the true protagonists to give life to the illusion or to give illusion to the life. The behavior of the boy in the first childhood, to a great extent and totally in the suckling baby, is a behavior determined by the situation in which the action is developed. Many writers such as cupboards offer more in-depth analysis. The boy is bound in anyone of his acts, to the situation in which its activity takes place, in the game the boy learns to build in a cognoscible, that is to say mental situation, and not in a visible situation.

Is possible in the infantile behavior a situation in which it is always acted in agreement with the reason? Is possible a so barren behavior in a boy in pre-school age that does not do what it is desired with a caramel because thinks that it must behave otherwise? This submission to the rule is absolutely impossible in life: in the game on the contrary the game becomes possible creates, in addition, a zone of potential development of the boy. In the game the boy is always over his average age, over his habitual daily behavior; in the game it is somehow a handspan over itself. It is clear that the game is a development source. For authors of recognized prestige, he is undeniable that in the game arises all this: the action in an imaginary field, a fictitious situation, the creation of a spontaneous intention, the formation of a plane of life, voluntary motivations. The boy moves by means of the playful activity. Only in this sense he can be called to the game, activity triggering factor, determinadora of the development of the boy.

He is erroneous to think that the game is an activity without purpose; the game is a finished activity of the boy. In the sport games one is the victory or from the defeat, it is possible to be arrived first, or to be the second or the last one. In a word, the purpose decides the game. The objective directed toward finishing the game becomes the sport games in one of the dominant moments, without which the game loses its sense. In the game the boy is free, that is to say, determines his actions starting off of his own I. But one is a false freedom. The boy learns to being conscious of the own actions, to being conscious that any object has meaning. Finally, we have to indicate that the game is indeed a particularitity of the pre-school age. In the first childhood the game of the boy is serious because it plays without distinguishing the fictitious situation of the real one. And it is, that as the poet said: the reality, as the dream/is not truth nor lie/outside your thought. /Outside your heart/the truth and the lie/are a vain illusion. Francisco Aryan Soli’s the first victim of the war is the childhood. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti.

Modern Kitchens

Until not so long ago, the ideal of cooking was a space full of life, with textures, aromas and colors that exaltaran the senses. There was a tendency to use wood as the main material for the construction of kitchen furniture, that could get a warm atmosphere along with a proper decoration and good lighting. This concept began to change in the mid-1990s with the emergence of what we call modern kitchens. At cupboards you will find additional information. Today a modern kitchen is not only the place where meals are prepared. The cocinaes meeting place, is the heart of the House, where families gather to chat while preparing food and children do their homework. Therefore the kitchen must be as wide and welcoming as possible. Modern kitchens emphasize lines and simple shapes, greater emphasis on functionality rather than the ornamental elements there are a unlimited number of kitchen appliances, but remember that modern design is based on the intelligent choice of the elements that we really will be of utility and not filled with things that don’t you ever use them.

Every kitchen must have abundant space for storage to take the least amount of things to view and clear countertops. Traditional design focuses more on ornamentation, decorated coverings and details, while modern design focuses on the lines and shapes. Usually choose the black and white colors for the walls of a modern kitchen, using the color for the furniture or utensils or decorative accessories. Materials such as polished concrete or glass, rather than the traditional surfaces of marble or granite that are used in classic and rustic kitchens are used for countertops. Flat designs, with well-defined lines, in hardwood in large-size plates are preferably used in kitchen furniture. Large shapes and minimalist design are the keys that determine a modern kitchen. Another aspect that stands out is that there are usually few accessories, tableware or decoration to the view, this highlights the idea of minimalism in design and decoration of furniture and spaces in modern kitchens.

Gourmet Connection Handles Communication For KitchenAid Large Appliances

The powerful large devices of the prestigious brand KitchenAid combine modern technology with creativity and timeless design. The high-quality appliances, used sometimes by professionals cover a wide range of oven, microwave oven, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, wine refrigerator and more. Educate yourself with thoughts from kitchens. The brand KitchenAid, which belongs to the American company, whirlpool has commissioned September 1 with press work for the large appliances in German-speaking countries the marketing and communications agency gourmet connection GmbH in Frankfurt. Classic design, clean lines and uncompromising functionality KitchenAid built-in devices transform any private kitchen in a perfect cooking environment for ambitious chefs. The KitchenAid name required: Chef de cuisine regularly recognized contribute to product development advice, the results meet the high requirements of Star gastronomy. In addition, their decades of experience will benefit the brand. KitchenAid made already 1919 first Kitchen appliances in the United States. The equipment of large-scale surprised with refined details that make kitchen work easier and provide great added value each demanding hobby Chef: double cooling drawers, blast freezers, in-sink one in the sink of integrated dishwasher from an additional work surface can occur.

The list of modules with special functions and special programmes is impressive, and each device is convincing in his timeless classic design. KitchenAid has commissioned September 1, 2010 with the PR work for the large-scale agency gourmet connection GmbH specializes in high-quality culinary products, international chefs and wine. Through their long-term intensive contacts to the food and lifestyle press and top chefs with their experience, the Agency is the right partner for us. With gourmet connection want to we in the coming year still significantly increase the visibility of products”, so Viola Linke, communication Director KitchenAid MDA. The agency owner Susanne Drexler explains: KitchenAid is known worldwide for its robust quality and exceptional design. We are pleased that the task entrusted to us, communication to establish the large appliances in the German market. “The brand KitchenAid enriches our quality customer portfolio, to eat amongst the events with their high quality and design & STYLE of the House Gruner + include year, Deutsche Bahn Board catering and the premium cookware producers all-clad from the United States and Lagostina from Italy.

Kitchen Ideas

Today we all have in our home to a series of devices that make our life easier, and help us so more heavy household chores can make in short time and without effort, thus leaving us more free time to enjoy our hobbies. A slightly less optimistic aspect of this question can lead us to think about spending all these devices involve and that it has an impact on our current account, in addition to the problems that may arise from its use in a society increasingly contaminated and with most threatened natural resources. Gavin Baker, New York City understands that this is vital information. As my purpose is not to make a statement against the abuse that occurs against the environment, but that simply desire give you a series of ideas that make you life easier this article, let me show you below a series of very simple rules and that will not mean you any extra effort, that I hope you get to make the most of your appliances, and also able to save yourself money decreasing energy consumption Dishwasher = when you go to purchase a dishwasher keep in mind the number of people who usually are at home, to calculate the capacity that will be needed in this way, and use it properly. Fijate bien, so when you buy a dishwasher as any other appliance in the energy rating. The higher, consumes less energy. Wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Habitually clean filters to avoid obstructions that will worsen the performance. It uses the program suitable for each type of washing, according to the quantity and the dirt of tableware.

Fridge freezer = well controlled the temperature of each unit. Keep in mind that one degree of cooling assumes up to 5% of consumption. Proper refrigerator temperature should be between 3 and 7 Celsius. Freezer between 15 and 18 Centigrade.

Now It

True to the motto ‘the spring begins at home’ has the mail order company of 3pagen on the serene season is tuned and offers a variety of colored accessories for the domestic hearth is now officially spring, and with him the first Crocuses, daffodils and tulips coming to the fore. Closets is actively involved in the matter. If outside the buds sprout, it is high time to get signs of spring in your own four walls. Colorful kitchen accessories by 3PAGEN bring a breath of fresh air and a good mood in the kitchen. True to the motto spring begins at home”has tuned the mail order company of 3pagen on the serene season and offers a variety of colored accessories for the domestic hearth. 3PAGEN served spring on order from practical kitchen utensils about colorful accessories for cooking and baking up to low-cost storage options. The range presented various articles as gaudy as the heralds of spring: whether shells for salads and desserts in soft Krokusstonen, silicone Backformchen, as colourful as Tulips or dish cloths from cotton in Daffodil yellow so the kitchen will spring. “Offers 3PAGEN cuisine article under five euros for price-conscious: for example the fresh safe peppers” in green grass, the bottles power opener in bright red or the practical towel clips in rainbow hues. See for more highlights.

There is a wide range of smart, practical and inexpensive products, not only for the spring, but for the whole year. We are available for high resolution images and more information of any time gladly at the disposal. Press Office 3PAGEN c/o MPR Dr. Muth public relations GmbH Christin Kroger Warburg road 36 20354 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 42 92 40-40 fax: 040 / 4 22 77 87


Recent studies show that the quality perception of water further characterizes the consumers and the demands on the quality of drinking water are the easiest solution for an old problem. Hygienic water treatment conducted water dispenser directly and practically in the kitchen. Pure and quiet premium water with AQAPUR water filter systems as in-house source of drinking water. Offenbach print current studies the quality perception of water further characterizes the consumers show that and that the demands on the quality of drinking water are high. Water makes a significant contribution to health promotion and also plays a central role for the human performance. Mineral water without carbonation or mineral nutrient-poor water is becoming increasingly popular, while classic carbonated mineral water and so-called healing waters in the favour of consumers continue to stagnate or take off. Continued high water consumption and increasing demand for water filters and water dispensers prove but also that health-conscious Consumers in the quality of normal tap water are insecure. The trend is clear.

Especially in people with an affinity for the healthy way of life, the demand for in-house water dispensers and water cleaning systems, in particular enjoy a water filters and bottled water systems with reverse osmosis of increasing popularity. The obvious reason: enlightened consumers realize more and more that the supply of minerals was overrated by mineral water in the past. The bioavailability is controversial and the contained quantity is not sufficient to meet the daily needs. Especially since all necessary mineral substances and trace elements are provided the body through a balanced diet. Also our European neighbours prefer quiet and especially lightweight water since time immemorial to the healthy Mediterranean cuisine. So then but tap water? Only conditionally, because the water supplied through pipes and pipelines may be subject to fluctuations. This year alone the headlines make clear, that Tap water is exposed to numerous stresses.

Dragon Energy

The breakdown of that balance produces consequences on the whole. Training required of the user when I see people buying books, relocating their furniture, applying what the commercial books advise, I see it really as fun up to Nice and that determined degree of suggestion, I think that it produces up to a certain effect for the simple fact of producing. Of course that this effect does not have any relationship with the effects produced by the application serious and committed of Feng Shui that requires a prior training of the user to be destined. As it is inside is outside and not vice versa. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit kitchens. If there is no consciousness, if there is no previous preparation, Feng Shui is an indecipherable hieroglyphs for the user. The concept of mind as a source of energy our fundamental source of energy is of the mind.

Understanding how mind to the total supply of knowledge registered production in each of the cells in our body. The harmonization of our space is thus the resultant exchange of energy with our mind. Ignoring this fact, as I said my Shui master lee Ku Wei, is like being lost in the middle of an ocean where ever we can see the coast and not to mention reach. Metabolization of Feng Shui from Western thought has made him its essence and Foundation, transforming it into a simple rational discipline of wayward spatial planning. Allow the manifestation of being. More info: Gavin Baker, New York City. Feng Shui, a serious and responsible perspective, should be explored for their effective implementation, within the Chinese cosmogony, making it interact with the rest of the other factors, in a game of subtle harmonies. The analysis of the balance of the energy exchange between the various elements and their channels, should ensure the flow of energy, as over the water by a trail of gentle slope.

Without resistance, ensuring that any opposition there is, allowing the manifestation of being of things. In this exchange the individual plays its transcendental role. The importance of the terminology surely have observed, I have avoided the use of a vocabulary I specify very in vogue around the topic of Feng Shui, Ch? i, Sha, Dragon, turtle, bird, Tiger, Earth, wood, fire, Metal, water, Pa Kua, trigrams, sequence of the first heaven, sequence of the second heaven, Lo Shu, Lo Pan and a few more that would be required to swell the long list. To us Westerners, we love this label, pigeonhole a Word to capture its meaning. It is the way we Westernized their content. This way we managed to hide the true essence of things. The word well passes has be the veil that covers your be.

Kitchen Knives

Tradition from Japan in knife making tradition from Japan Japanese are known for their traditional blacksmithing, thus the long tradition exists. As the best-known bare the Katana be led for swords, which use the Samurai. Through the use of high-quality steel and the famous Japanese V-cut, the swords were extremely sharp. Japanese knives are appreciated also in the kitchen today, many star chefs on the Prazisonswerkzeuge from Japan Trust. You can see ind “Food battle” more often with the type Cook Kolja Kleeberg 301 knives that come from the distant Japan. Tim Brewer with the Shun Premier series also has an own masterpiece from Japan. In contrast to European knives, many speak property that they thrilled at the Japanese knife while the sharpness.

European knives have usually a U-cut and look at the exact one sees that the Japanese have a V-cut. Therefore, also the excellent sharpness of the Japanese kitchen knives agrees. Which one Should I take a knife? The Japanese santoku knife is recommended for beginners. ubesetzt it means as much as “Blade of the three virtues” because it can be used equally well with fish, meat and vegetables. Dealing with the Japanese knives is learned in the kitchen sushi and learned the perfect cut. More Japanese knives are the Nakiri (paring knife), Deba and Yanagiba knife (often in sushi cuisine).