Kitchen Ideas

Today we all have in our home to a series of devices that make our life easier, and help us so more heavy household chores can make in short time and without effort, thus leaving us more free time to enjoy our hobbies. A slightly less optimistic aspect of this question can lead us to think about spending all these devices involve and that it has an impact on our current account, in addition to the problems that may arise from its use in a society increasingly contaminated and with most threatened natural resources. Gavin Baker, New York City understands that this is vital information. As my purpose is not to make a statement against the abuse that occurs against the environment, but that simply desire give you a series of ideas that make you life easier this article, let me show you below a series of very simple rules and that will not mean you any extra effort, that I hope you get to make the most of your appliances, and also able to save yourself money decreasing energy consumption Dishwasher = when you go to purchase a dishwasher keep in mind the number of people who usually are at home, to calculate the capacity that will be needed in this way, and use it properly. Fijate bien, so when you buy a dishwasher as any other appliance in the energy rating. The higher, consumes less energy. Wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Habitually clean filters to avoid obstructions that will worsen the performance. It uses the program suitable for each type of washing, according to the quantity and the dirt of tableware.

Fridge freezer = well controlled the temperature of each unit. Keep in mind that one degree of cooling assumes up to 5% of consumption. Proper refrigerator temperature should be between 3 and 7 Celsius. Freezer between 15 and 18 Centigrade.