Codex Fiction

It buried the arms and their disguises so that her mother did not suspect. It lived terrified thinking that it was going to be shortage. It took anabolizantes for would prepare for the slaughter against the young people of the camping of Utya. The account in the manifesto that has hung in Internet and where it summarizes his motivations on the base of anti-communist beliefs and antiislamists. Anders Behring hid the arms and the disguise of police that used in the massacre against the youthful camping of the island of Utya under earth to avoid that her mother suspected her plans. The account the own Behring in its newspaper, a document of 1,500 pages in which the prisoner details his motivations to perpetrate the worse slaughter in the recent history of Norway. The writing, hung in Internet and published by Vg, it is come off that this Norwegian fanatic of 32 years began in December to secure all the objects that needed so he called " operacin".

Apparently it bought a vest bullet-proof, firearms and ingredients to realise the pump with which it destroyed the governmental center of Oslo killing at least seven people. The newspaper becomes more concrete approval approaches the date of the attempted double and sample that Breivik had great difficulties to secure the money that needed to buy the necessary thing for its dramatic mission. In fact, it tells that it had mudar to the attic of his mother, which much more forced to him to be discreet in his preparations. In addition, it was terrified thinking that her mother or any other person could discover her ideology. It bought a disguise and then, legally, several arms. It buried all so that her mother did not find them. Anders Behring coexisted with its mother until the phase began that called of " desarrollo" of the operation, when it already was very difficult to hide in what it was working. Then, it rented a farm.