The Gross Domestic Product

GDP aument’1 during the second quarter 2008 growth was driven by its different components, among which the recuperaci’e the inversi’ruta fixed, especially as it is to national origin (10.7 ), particularly construcci’13 sectors, 5 ) and machinery and equipment (4.4 ). August 18, 2008 / The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ‘7.1 growth in the second quarter of 2008, compared to the same per’o 2007. This growth, which is significantly higher than 4.9 experienced in the first quarter of 2008, determines a expansi’e 6.0 in the first half of the ‘evidence favorable and sustained behavior has been observed for nineteen consecutive quarters . Econ’as Activities: The positive performance of econ’a activity in the second quarter sustent’nto in non-oil activity, growing by 7.8 as in the oil, which was registered for the ‘increase of 3 , 2 on the gross value added (GVA). Petroleum activity: The successful outcome of the oil activity in the second quarter due primarily to increased raw producci’e both by the state oil company as part of joint ventures, destac’ose the increased volume of external sales . Non-oil activities: The main activities that contributed to the growth of non-oil value added are: communications (24.6 ), the construcci’11, 7 ), community services, social and personal services (9.4 ) , commerce (8.9 ), transport services (6.5 ), manufacturing (4.5 ) and agr’la sector (3.9 ). The result rese ‘in non-oil activity was stimulated by increased aggregate demand, both consumption and expenditure inversi’favorecida by ejecuci’el plan p’cas and private investment, the continuaci’e the recuperaci’el family income, higher employment and social programs consolidaci’e national government. Manufacturing: Private manufacturing industry continu ‘pace of expansion for the nineteenth consecutive quarter, reflecting an increase of 4.6 , determined mainly by favorable developments in: fabricaci’e clothing (21.0 ), paper (19 , 4 ), mineral met’cos (8.9 ), wood products (8.1 ), food, beverages and snuff (7.1 ) fabricaci’e rubber pl’ico (5, 6 ) edici ‘impresi’4, 8 ) and qu’ a fabricaci’e substances and products (1.4 ), it is important to note the loss of momentum in the automotive sector, derived from the process of adaptation’ the pol’ca sector implemented by the National Executive, which will hopefully result is reversed in the quarters pr’os..