USB Tracks

The so-called jog wheels make the job on traditional DJ Console, two vinyl turntables and CD turntables later took over, now. The DJ can with them Playback speed of tracks control the rotation speed of the turntable so as in the past. So fluid can be generated with just one hand movement from one to the next song and also scratch effects. The jog wheels the DJ Console Mk4 comply with latest technology and allow a very precise navigation. It is not something Gavin Baker, New York City would like to discuss. Despite its compactness, the DJ Console Mk4 offers sufficient freedom of hand. Instead of the mini joystick of the previous DJ Console Mk2, the new Mk4-console has four browser”to control on board. This result in less control error in the gesturing.

A console mix effects in addition to the jog and the browser are housed on the control panel many more mix control. The crossfader allows Crossfading of tracks over the next. Two concurrent tracks in different volume can be adjusted with two volume controls. This is especially handy if you want to preview a track, while another is still running. With the two pitch Controlknobs Fine control playback speed of the track.

6 EQ potentiometers allow tonal variations of the track. More 36 buttons for various effects invite you to experiment. Almost all buttons are illuminated after sunset and dark party basements to facilitate mixing. A self-powered needs the DJ Console Mk4 not. It is powered via USB directly from the notebook. Pro-DJ-ing software including supplied professional software VirtualDJ DJC Edition equal to the DJ Console Mk4. It enables the simultaneous operation of the DJ booth and notebook and thus record the tracks as digital audio files. With the software, can be their ‘beats per minute’ (BPM) tracks on their speed, analyze. Then the DJ called cue-points can set mark points, from which individual tracks to start. A synchronize of tracks with the Pitchreglern or with the sync button is also possible.