The Volatile

The one that if relates this? The volatile truth while, assumes aspect of does not fix, varying as metamorfo one to be, something perhaps burkiniano where he remains ' ' thing-verdade' ' , but it if adapta not to lose to the process that is continuous, what it makes in them to think about another factor, that would be the volatile one as permanent factor, what it would send to a fixed point again. But when it is thought about one transformation under a heraclitiana perspective, has a differentiated form of comment concerning such permanence, that it would be exactly this cyclical shock that if perpetuates. However no matter how hard let us make conjecturas, it is finished almost falling in the absolutizao and being apprehended in ' ' cage of ferro' ' weberiana, what it makes in them to transpose this obstacle through one another bias, that would be the abstract regimentao of the concrete. Educate yourself with thoughts from cabinets. It seems nonsense, and in fact it is, but the one that if relates such desvario after all? The truth becomes inefficacious when it starts to exist, therefore regimentada it materialize itself in an antithesis of itself, since when materialize themselves and not obtaining to enclose what she has, becomes inefficacious while absolute, beyond what the materialized abstract becomes abstraction-deceased (serving me of a poetical license), vide the example of the written thought that if becomes ' ' letter morta' ' according to words of Bourdieu. But when we relegate the concrete truth while affirmation of an inherent existence to the one process cognitivo, we have the truth-abstract, where if it makes gift while or-topos, that is, an utopia. The truth is only while not-to be, a goal that if draws out in a inalcanvel objetivao, desire-to be that it searchs to establish itself in a posteriori, having as speech a priori one, what it makes with that what either has moved in way to these two great extremities (one more time thinking about Heraclitus), findando the truth in what it was and that it will be, but that it never is..