The Man

But this time the boy did not make the same effect. Was concentrating on her new distraction. Quickly get to the corner and saw them everywhere. He pursed his lips with misbehavior. He saw back on itself around. Not seen. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hachette Book Group and gain more knowledge..

Well I already knew where it was. Way resolutely towards the area of the building. He saw the red bike. He saw the two men in dark blue uniform. He saw Aida.

Quietly approached the police. – I return to find stealing and go right to the retention of children – the police threatened the girl, as she took off a few coins, then was observed by the teenager's high school uniform Japonesamericano luxury. The man took off his helmet and asked with a gesture. – It's … my … my niece – Cristina said. The two men burst out laughing and looked at each other intelligently. – I am the sister of his father. – Oh yeah? – Police said while laughing – Well let me tell you that this jewel is very famous around here. There is no house where there is not stolen. – Do not it make it – I say Cristina grabbing the girl's dirty hand away quickly to the men and faster way without a word to the apartment. – I have not stolen anything. A week ago we had days without eating. I went to the bakery and asked the Spanish old food .. Then he wanted to charge me touching my here – he said indicating the girl with the mouth where they wanted to touch it.