Heritage of Italy

Italy is one of those countries which, because of its priceless heritage, are very popular among travelers. And, naturally, would not be prudent, by the authorities of this countries not to use the limelight. That could attract tourists from all over the world to visit this amazing country? Along with the ancient architecture, distinctive cuisine and fine wines, Italy is an interesting place holiday for lovers to soak up the stunning beaches. And for the supporters of leisure created by ski resorts. Hotels in Italy, have a modern infrastructure and high service level. In addition to Rome and Venice are the most visited places are the cities of Italy, Florence, Milan and Naples. Evening walks along the water canals of Venice, a visit to the samples of ancient architecture in Rome or excursions on the mountain slopes in the vicinity of Naples – All this will leave unforgettable memories of traveling in this amazing country. Everyone who goes to sightseeing tours to Italy, be sure it has something beautiful and unique, something that was forced to admit uniqueness of this region.

Recently popular are small, cozy town on the coast of Italy. Their attraction is that tourists have an opportunity in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, assess the uniqueness of the surrounding nature, see natural flavor of Italian life of simple people. In such towns as well as at major resorts, all facilities for a pleasant and interesting pastime. Small hotels though and do not have a large number of stars, but even so a pleasant surprise for its cleanliness and very affordable comfort. Holidays in Italy, of course, can not be called cheap. But this fact is also an indirect proof that visit this country still stands. Come to Italy not be easy. Italy, being a party to the Schengen Agreement, which provides free entry to its territory holders Schengen visa.

A visa is issued to Russians in Italy at the Italian Embassy in Moscow or the Consulate General of Italy in St. Petersburg. The cost of tourist visa is 35 euros. You can talk about Italy without end. Information that can provide on this country, enough is not a single article. Therefore, I can only add that Italy – this is another country in the world where it is worth visiting. (Source visa to Italy, hotels in the resorts)