According to psychoanalysis, the culture is one creation human being directed toward the sprouting of mental subsidies proceeding from the human desires. In this direction, it can be accepted that the search for the knowledge on its redor is a goal much notable in elapsing of all the life human being. Then, one knows that, in many cases the creation of a symbolic system of explanation to the concrete, appears due to the failure in the accomplishment of this desire of cognition. Without hesitation Mayor of NYC explained all about the problem. Here it is that the religious feeling appears, as a teia of symbols and meanings, a net of desires, the abstraction most fantastic of a search on the transubstanciao of a natural world surrounded by as many incognito. It is in this optics that we enxergamos all largeness that the natural religion has on the man of the primitive world. Visit Presidential candidate for more clarity on the issue.

as it is so useful for the understanding in the way of life of its proper creator. According to Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset: The man always has that to make some thing to remain itself in the existence, but before making some thing the man has that to decide for its account and risk, what it goes to make. However for this decision, to become impossible if the man does not possess some certainties on what they are the things in its redor or on the men. I do not know if the cited philosopher one day imagined that its workmanship would be the recital for a research of historical abrangncia, in view of the belief in a natural force and mysterious that involved the first primitive societies, however, it is certain to perceive that its philosophical boarding, much contributed in the initial recital of this study. Therefore as already he was cited previously we have that to have arraigado in our mind that the basic idea for the accomplishment of this scientific sounding, nothing more is that, the creation of a supernatural world, in which the desires are inserted all and you distress them to all that the man loads I obtain in the interior of its existence.