KiezWeihnacht – Christmas Market In Berlin Friedrichshain

The traditional advent and at the Samaritan church in Berlin Friedrichshain for the third time in a row, after 2006 and 2007, a peaceful Christmas market in Berlin Friedrichshain Samariter Church Festival on the third weekend in advent. Attractively present also this year again over 40 dealers, who mainly come from the neighborhood. The offer is as varied as the neighborhood itself. Arts and crafts and jewellery design will be available as well as children’s toys and Christmas decorations. For the physical well-being is taken care of, there are craft activities for children and obviously – a Santa Claus.

The Organizer, dealers and handicraft in Friedrichshain, want to create a quiet neighbourhood atmosphere with the Organization of this Christmas market. Neighbors and visitors are invited to become acquainted with shops of nearby and come into the conversation. Gifts of all kinds are offered in an environment beyond the ubiquitous before Christmas hustle and bustle. The experiences of the past two years show that this offer by the local residents like to will be accepted as reported by the project manager Steffen Belz. The traditional Evangelical parish of Galilee Samaritan ensures the cultural ambience. So, concerts, readings, and a children’s program in the Samaritan church will take place in the afternoon and the early evening. Since the concerts and performances of the children’s choir are usually well attended, there to appear in time is recommended. Once the exact dates are fixed, they disclosed to the press.

The Christmas market is held on 13 / December 14, 2008 each held from 13-20 on the Samaritan place. Location: Samariter Street 14, 10247 Berlin, subway Samaritan road (U5) program: * Saturday, December 13, 2008, 15:00 * Barbara Friedl-stocks reads: “The magical book shop” * by Barbara Friedl-stocks, Etienne Pohl, Maximilian Schone: what do children’s books at night…? In the 13th hour between midnight and one o’clock in the morning – So is the rule of the Holy Gutenberg – opens the blurbs and all the characters have finally free: Pinocchio, Knight rust,. Snow white and co. slip out of their books, to enjoy yourself. But what happens when her beloved home, the bookstore by Hilli Pohl, is in financial difficulties and the future looks bleak? All are quick to agree: you want to help Nana! A fantastic reading experience for children from 8 years! Admission: free children, adults 3 * Saturday December 13, 2008, 19:00 * advent concert, des_ chorus of alumni working high school. * traditionally supported the choir advent concert by the HardChor ELLA, a choir conglomerate, in whose center is the Kurt-Tucholsky-Oberschule in Pankow,. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hugo Distler (June 24, 1908 in Nuremberg; + 1 November 1942 in Berlin) himself with the choir whose music works employ. Hugo Distler was a very unconventional and innovative composer who tried to stay productive in Nazi Germany and accepted and failed on the consequences. He is regarded as the most important representative of the renewal movement of Evangelical church music after 1920 * Sunday “” “December 14, 2008, 18:00 * Christmas concert * Samaritan church choir cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach: BWV 36 soar up happy”, BWV 248.1 rejoice, rejoice, to praise the day “(from the Christmas Oratorio) and BWV 190 sing unto the Lord a new song”. Further information and contact: Steffen Belz Kinzigstrasse 35, 10247 Berlin, phone: 030-74 77 26 01