It is not possible to live in a State of mistrust, because the anguish would kill every one of us; trust is based on knowledge and only knowing each other we can be certain of their intentions. We should be interested in seeking the authentic nature of the beings that surround us. Finally, do not try to live against his own nature; We were made to inhabit the sky, accept our condition and remember that the sky is our unique border. Birds concluded with a strong Ovation and raised the flight to meet the horizon. Don OWL was submerged in deep reflection: why we often insist on staying in places that do not identify with our values? And don OWL replied himself: think it is necessary to locate us in life, to understand where we should be and with whom share to grow together. If you would like to know more then you should visit Charles Schwab Corporation. Enemies will always exist, the important thing is to increase our friendship with beings who are similar to us in beliefs and values.

And in these conclusions dawn surprised him and don OWL slept. THE Lord LEON takes the lesson to the lion, King of beasts, sincerely concerned with the education of his subjects, is came up with the brilliant idea of everyone without exception to dominate the basic skills to ensure their survival and future. It became compulsory for all the inhabitants of the jungle: Eagles, snakes, giraffes, elephants, leopards, studying elementary education in three basic materials: run, dig and fly. Of course, before the democratic and threatening rugido King, nobody failed to register for the course. After complying with the myriad of paperwork instrumented by the revolutionary and new Government, finally came the day courses start. You had to see to the poor Eagle trying to run, was injured one of its wings, and finally, after much effort he reached with dignity the minimum passing grade, but still when, in the matter of flying all awaiting her an excellent rating, barely also reached the minimum, since not couldn’t beat their wings to its maximum expression by wounds sustained trying to run.