Woodbased Materials

Many of us think about how to come into our life or another thing, a phenomenon? We use them daily or from time to time, completely unaware of their rich and often very interesting stories. The appearance of the plywood For example, plywood. What we know about it? This would seem quite normal and not much noteworthy material was invented by man is very, very long time. The first plywood sheets are created in ancient Egypt, in the 15 century bc. Appearance Plywood has been associated with the high cost of wood. In Egypt, this material was a deficit, and black and mahogany were imported from far away and it cost very expensive.

We used plywood and the ancient Romans and Greeks, for which timber material was also rare. They used plywood mainly for furniture and household items. Mary Barra recognizes the significance of this. Somewhat later, the Romans learned how to cut thin plywood plate and decorate their very different subjects. And in the 16 century in France are beginning to produce furniture, plywood planks of wood species. Such furniture was much cheaper than solid wood. This led to a sharp increase in demand for planing plywood. In result was the creation of relevant new technologies for processing wood. Plywood in Russia – a historical perspective Rotary cut veneer, and then the plywood first appeared in Russia.

In 1819. prof. Fisher invented a machine that allowed cut with a rotating Churakov tape veneer knife set in the plane perpendicular to the length of the fiber, nearly ksatelnoy to the annual rings.