University Library

Each of these issues today represents a professional specialization. When a University need to create a new traditional library, there is some international consensus, and much has been published about it, with respect to the architectural requirements of a building devoted to a University Library and the recommended way to build each of the sections of this, as well as the characteristics of construction of each furniture for each service and the technical processes. On the other hand, if we want to build a virtual library, we find much debate, since there is not even unanimity of criteria regarding what exactly is a virtual library. This continues to be an advantage, that gives us the possibility to participate at the creative define process and build BV that best suits the needs of our users and our institucionesEl building of the virtual library the virtual library building is usually a web site that we created as a gateway to allow users remote access to our collections and services. Once our web site exists, is part of the identity of our institution, and as such deserves our care: both in shape, which should reflect the institutional image properly, content, which must respond to the needs of our users. The value of a virtual library increases directly proportional to the amount of unique and original content that contributes to the Community (such as for example own publications).Design of the Web site of a virtual library design of the web site to host a virtual library must be in the hands of an interdisciplinary team comprising specialists in services librarians, computer and web design. The success of a virtual library has much to do with the balance that achieves that equipment between an attractive presentation and an efficient functionality of your web site. The user who enters our virtual library must enjoy visit because the experience is pleasant and quickly find what you need.