The real estate crisis has also left its mark in office

The networks intermediation Expofincas Flat and Don are two exceptions. The second, owned by the real estate Habitat, announced a ERE last July, reducing its workforce from 380 employees to 32. The conditions included the approved 37 days pay per year worked, with a limit of 18 months.

Expofincas, however, presented an arrangement with creditors of its parent company last March, with debts of 23 million. According to company sources, in the first quarter of the year, the staff consisted of 500 people.

Other property-related sectors have also starring cuts. This is the case with several companies manufacturing bricks as Ceratres and Tealsa, who presented a ERE in June. Among the builders, stresses Seop, the group Silver Eagle, which in June announced a ERE affecting 306 workers, 68.6% of employees. This meant the second reshuffle since the March 17 the company applied on a voluntary basis with creditors, reducing the workforce of 994 to 446 people. Another builder, in this case of subsidized housing, Prasi, posed a ERE for 100% of its workforce, imbued by their losses, in March 2008.

Managers also leave
T. Different executives have decided to leave the property before the sinking boat. Examples include the cases of Carlos Vela, Mariano Miguel, Anna Birul