The Necessary

If the color red is not the predominant but is in second term, this will indicate that the person is full of energy and willing to tackle any goal. But the color red can also represent negative qualities, to convert all the energy that possesses, an obsession that leads him to be a selfish, authoritarian, capricious and irritable person. The above, will logically depend on certain nuances and shades of the color red. PLATALa person whose dominant aura is silver color, will have a great capacity for creativity, being who will also prove to possess higher ideals. It has also great capacity of mental power, that combines with mysticism and spirituality, although it does not always harmonize. People with the aura of the silver color, can be a few excellent writers of fantasy stories, although it is advisable to know have both feet on the ground.

When the aura silver colour, is in the background, it will indicate a State of fanciful reality, where the subject observed their future from another reality. The downside of the aura of silver color, you will find a completely passive subject to life, resorting to their dreams as a single solution to the problems of real life. Yellow person whose predominant color of the aura is yellow, just as with the Orange, it possesses a great capacity for sociability, delivering fully to serving others. It emphasizes its great capacity of lucidity and innovation of ideas. They need to be constantly in contact with other people. They are very able to be excellent educators or teachers. If yellow color is not the predominant, indicated that it is the time to implement all the ideas, since you can get the necessary attention. On the other hand, the downside, yellow indicate that the person may become a critic of himself and all around him, coming to appear to others as a bitter person.