Presentsdisplays Problems

The mathematics present/display habitually many difficulties to the students of any educative level. Nevertheless the children of primary Education are those that live worse these difficulties, since account when speaking with the companions, brothers majors and parents occur who are that he is going to have much importance throughout all their schooling. Initially, the parents and educators usually attribute the problems with the mathematics to the lack of personal effort of the boy and they do not consider that these problems go beyond the academic motivation of the boy towards the mathematics. Discalculia is understood by discalculias the difficulties that the boy in the calculation area has. Two main types of discalculia exist: – Primary Acalculia or discalculia: she is associate to a cerebral injury that produces a total impossibility for the calculation.

– True or secondary Discalculia: the person shows manifolds symptoms discalclicos associated to other alterations of verbal, space, temporary, symbolic and mental type. Discalculias presents/displays the following characteristics: – Alterations perceptive-lines of vision – Difficulties to conduct certain arithmetical operations (extreme, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, roots, etc.) – Low capacity of reasoning – Difficulty for the mental arithmetic – Difficulty in the arrangement of numbers – Associated problems of language to own discalculias (dislexia). For even more analysis, hear from Hachette Book Group. Intervention in the cases of discalculia Parents and professors can make very many to help to their children and students to surpass one discalculia. The fundamental thing is to count on the support of a specialized equipment of psicopedagogos or scholastic psychologists who guide the intervention that it will be realised in the problems indicated by each boy. As much in the classroom as in house it would be fundamental that the boy or girl realised exercises and games at four levels: space, temporary, symbolic and mental. The intervention at space level will have to go focused to the work with the numbers and seriacin, exercises of corporal scheme, geometric drawing and graphical boundary of columns.