Markusen Region

You vary it definitions for region, Markusen (1997) defined region as one ' ' contiguous territorial society historically produced, that possesss a physical environment, a Milieu (half) socioeconmico, distinct cultural politician and of other regions in relation to other basic territorial units, the city and nao' '. Thus, it is observed that they remain in the vision of the author some general principles that had almost always bought the region concept, as proximity, character integrator between multiple dimensions, space differentiation and scales subnacional. The region concept according to aconcepo of Corra (1997), the region concept perpassa some sources one of them is that ' ' one is about the regionalizao of social division of the work, the process of capitalist accumulation, the reproduction of the force-of-work and the processes politicians ideolgicos' '. Click home improvement to learn more. In this point, the changes in the space organization caused by the globalization hold back in to think them the configuration of the regions about the period technician – scientific informacional. As I castrate (1994) sample that the region can be seen as one ' ' space accumulator of successive causalidades, perenizadas in a portion of the geographic space, true subject structure in the historical relation of the man with its territory.

In such a way, the region is something complex, therefore it possesss very complex a space structure. as I castrate (1992) affirms that, ' ' the region, therefore, possesss a territorial dimension and a social dimension that interact and configure a particular scale of the space. In other words, the region is the lived space, that is, the space of the more immediate social relations and the identity cultural.' ' Of agreement with Lencioni (1999), from this analysis, is perceived that the region possesss a variety of concept, where if articulates in diverse chains of geography. Regarding this question one perceives that the regional studies have as objective to identify ' ' individualities in totalidade' '.