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It’s a great joy for us to stand before you in this space and to share both our vision health plans of the various topics as reporting on the various activities undertaken and being undertaken in the face of electoral bodies that lie ahead in which the country played a large opportunity for real change. a nationwide provider of health insurance, is committed to reducing the financial barriers in the healthcare system Our Florida is no stranger to the situation of disappointment dental insurance in which many citizens who, having given their votes have not group insurance been crystallized their hopes. There are no magical solutions, we believe that our National Party is the answer to some, possible, practical, fair, and health that neighbors seeking to everyday problems and that is why we opened the doors of our health plan organization to insurance companies the participation of all especially the young in which we placed our confidence again. In a united National Party is the key to victory provided we are clear that unity is not unanimity, that this is not healthy medical insurance nor desirable in a democratic party and sure of himself in which all its members conform to their principles and key ideas , we differ in the ways forward to achieve our common goals without the grievance or the disqualification of the other public actors. We are a political group that over time we’re establishing itself as an alternative inside and outside departmental boundaries and party that is why day by day we get new members, which gives, in turn, a great responsibility and strengthens us the desire to work for a better Florida. We participate in the selection of young National Party held in May 2007 and last year we support insurance a large healthcare number of boys and girls across the Department that motivates us to keep believing, to want to continue growing in the face of challenges that await us, which we generated many expectations. The Association ‘National Dignity’, 55 the list Hermogenes Fernandez directed the Clerk who surround people of all ages, is a new place, our place, your place, modern, dynamic, refreshing, different, in the National Party of Florida to we invite you to get closer to integrating the different working groups, your opinions, ideas and projects we are interested, we integrate our own.
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