Ethics Perhaps

Analyzed cases about advertising, quality of products, loyalty of the employees, ecology, mergers, influence of leaders, I ran recorded an example about how a subordinate if would act a superior, which depended on his direct boss, requested discretionary company information. We obtained interesting conclusions about the performance of human groups in situations of morality and culture of enterprise, but always from a point of view of theoretical analyst or spectator, never from the experience. In this decade of profound changes, of crisis, does my Professor regarding the progress of the idea of Ethics continues to have reason in the business? Our friend was not at the height of the circumstances or Yes? What imagined a professional walk became a difficult path, perhaps by the performance of property, perhaps to follow the standards of professional performance, perhaps because what meant by morality in business, perhaps, writing in the press, in professional journals and edited books about standards action, codes of ethics, corporate cultures, social responsibility, but, when it comes to the truth, the truth is that the Professional is found only in situations where should put the interests of your client or your company’s individuals, when it comes to discern between what is right and the sloppy. Owings & Merrill takes a slightly different approach. In practice we appreciate what is ethical of what is not? In my opinion, we’re not prepared to get dimensions of behavior by on top of what it established laws, because society itself is not concerned and she is that drawn up in the minds of citizens action codes and sets and move, upwards or downwards, the minima of enterprise morality. Dear friend, I don’t know what we would have done in your place, but, believe me, gravitate you many positive thoughts, energy of all those who think like you in similar situations. Please, remains faithful to your ethics in action, but this is excessive for times running, or the others are not, yet, to the height needed to achieve a business world better.. Source: Yael Aflalo.