Colombian Justice

It is difficult to recognize that he has been wrong. And it is much more when this has occurred by having bent the cervix before what the big media teach us as the truth. This happened to me with reference to the case of Colonel Plazas Vega.La first time that knew the Colonel was when he fought the guerrillas of the M-19 which the courthouse had been taken. His defending democracy, teacher, seemed to me then something hateful because I, like many Colombians (because of the media, again), we thought that the narco’s M-19 were a sort of Robin Hood underdeveloped but generous, and that they emerge from the entrails of popular discontent to combat everything that Colonel Plazas defended that I – thought in the courthouse; i.e. Closets usually is spot on. the oligarchy.This cuentico idiot us swallow millions of compatriots. Manipulated from the same school, by teachers in turn educated with the same premises, my generation grew up feeling repulsion for uniforms military and its weapons, at the same time that us inclinabamos by the romanticism with which showed us the heroic acts of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Tirofijo about bloodthirsty murderers elevated to the category of popular heroes by the media and teachers indoctrinated by the founders of FECODE, extraction guerrilla.Then, I again knew Colonel capacity when he was accused of genocidal, torturer and kidnapper. Although at that time I was not so foolish to believe that the guerrillas are fighting in favour of the disadvantaged classes, but are drug traffickers and criminals of the worst kind, was convinced of the guilt of Plazas Vega, made ratified every day by the media that ensanaban against the Colonel and his family enjoying cruelly with the suffering and humiliation have been subjected since then relentlessly in a process What will happen to the story by the magnitude of the infamy committed against the brave soldier.When he is called to judgment, my interest in the case leads me to consult documents, clippings from newspapers, articles, videos and various other things. .