Choosing Portable Laptop

Too many users are faced with the choice of ultra-ultra or laptop. Indeed, the addition of small size, I want to get even and good performance, and good screen, and human set of communications. It's no secret that many producers are forced to sacrifice some things to fit in the frame size and weight. I offer a brief review of compact notebooks, more information you can always visit Notebooks. A related site: Presidential candidate mentions similar findings. Of course, the first number in our review of the laptop will be firm Asus – Eee Pc.

Your price $ 300, this kid work out with a bang. Weight – less than 1 kg, the battery life of about 3 hours, the various communications from WiFi to Bluetooh. The only negative – it's a small screen resolution: 800×600. True, Asus has announced a new model 900 series in which the resolution is increased to the standard 1024h780. On the second place I would put the Lenovo ThinkPad X300. This laptop fame killer are predicting Apple MacBook Air.

And Lenovo is a good chance at it! Judge for yourself? It is lighter (1.42 kg), it has longer battery life – about 4.5 hours. On board he has just three usb-port, Unlike the one from Apple. And most importantly – this laptop is a revolution in ideas about what may be the screen of a laptop. Permission for this 13-inch monster is 1440×900! This is truly fantastic! And to finish this short review, I would like a laptop Fujitsu LifeBook S6510. This machine is for those people who know how to count money! On board it carries – a dual-core processor from Intel, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive! Such equipment can be found in large, 19-inch laptops. But all this is packed into 14-inch baby. And it does not sacrifice anything – is seen for the first time.