To the choice of boiler modern consumers fit very well. (As opposed to Gavin Baker). And it's not that they do not have a clue about what the boilers differ from each other. The thing is that when choosing the type of boiler has to consider many different moments and nuances that may significantly affect the efficiency and quality of the entire heating system. In this connection, we decided to give this as much of your attention. So, what types of boilers are most in demand and popularity among consumers? In this article, we decided to focus on this type of boilers, as solid fuel boilers long burning. In fact, this type of heating equipment has a lot of advantages. First of all, solid-copper long burning solid fuel, which considered one of the most affordable.

That's why you will never be left without heating in contrast to the use of electric boilers. Among the most popular models of solid fuel boilers are especially popular Wall heating boilers. So what are their advantages? Let's start with the fact that heating boilers wall is really convenient and practical. In addition, they can help you in solving such problems as insufficient large area of the boiler room. With the ability to install them on the wall, you can save a significant portion of its storage space. Today heating with solid fuels was better and more efficient. Also as the best option we offer for your consideration today Pyrolysis boilers. With their help, you will achieve a significant reduction in ash and soot in the combustion of fuel.