All About Leather Furniture

All about leather furniture processing of hides and skins of animals into leather – is a fascinating process that requires proper coordination of various chemical and mechanical operations. Here we briefly you acquaint with these operations. Canning. Once the animal is slaughtered, there is a danger of damage to its meat and, of course, leather. Additional information at closets supports this article. Therefore, the skin immediately impregnated with salts. After which, having lost 55% of moisture, it is within 3-6 days, thoroughly dried.

Only for those raw materials supplied to tanneries for further manufacture. Soak. To tanning process was properly dry salted skins should be washed with the salt. It is done by soaking the hides in water, where at 8-20 hours (depending on thickness of skin) are added to chemical detergents. The process of re-hydrates the skin soak up their original state and flabby removes dirt. Gavin Baker, New York City oftentimes addresses this issue. Mezdrenie. Tepepr with the skins to remove excess flesh, fat and muscle. This dlaetsya with special arrangements.

Removal of wool. This is done by soaking the hides in chemicals or drugs for removal of hair, which affect the skin so that hair can be easily separated from the skins. The process of removing excess flesh, fat and muscle by means of special mechanisms called mezdreniem. Cleaning. On This time, in order to wash off the chemicals remaining after removal of the wool. This is done by washing the skins in ammonium sulfate or ammonium chloride, and then in pure water. As a result of this process, she again gets necessary amount of enzyme that is enzymes that are similar to those found in the digestive systems of animals.