Lake District

The Sauerland is known as a region with a large number of dams and reservoirs. The Sauerland is part of North Rhine-Westphalia. The low mountain region is characterized by different reservoirs, which are intended to ensure the water supply of the Ruhr area. Today, the Lakes serve as a local recreation center. On the Biggesee, for example you can join a boat trip. Usually operates the passenger transport between April and October.

There are different ways to leave the ship, or to go to. A breakpoint is the Atta cave. The height of the stalactite kidnapped into a magical world of stalactites and stalagmites. To use the humidity, which prevails in the cave for a feature. In the cave, leaving tire about three months the famous Atta cheese over. Hennesee and Mohnesee are no less appealing. The reservoir is a water sports paradise.

Sailing and surfing are also popular, such as swimming and fishing. An interesting trail is located on the Lake. On the road happens to different stations and learn interesting facts about the topic Forest. Also provides an opportunity to try out Claves and tree guitar. Fishing is also one of the pastimes on the Lake Mohnesee. On boat rentals you can rent pedal boats, sailing boats and rowing boats and diving here. The mohne reservoir is the largest reservoir that was created in the Sauerland. A Sauerland apartment is located in the middle of a water sports paradise. Rather is ashore, finds many cycling and hiking trails around the various Lakes. Alone you can choose between five tourist routes in the surroundings of Lake Mohnesee. Depending on the condition, the routes are between 16 and 36 km. Of course, you can hike only a part of the route. You can also experience the environment of Lake Mohnesee by covered wagons from what is a special pleasure.

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