Francs Family

On the contrary, one is glad, when the children know in question. The society with his more and more hard educative supplies, pressure of the competition and lack of labor perspective, is anyway, through increasing coldness and anonymity. It is here where it acquires importance the heat and the privacy of " " drawer of the relations in which one slides quickly before the inclemency. It does not matter that is not eternal, Who knows that she will be the morning, in laboral, in the politician and the health? For the question that is really the normal thing? , the generation of our parents in the 50 would have only had one answer: from already the family! With the father whom the money to house brings and the mother that takes care of and provides to the house and the children, so that sometimes also they can obtener a decent life. Off the track forms of life smiled compassionately and with mistrust before Of the aunt who did not marry, the one that did not obtain any.

One condola. The life of legalized pair that took to Jean Paul Sartre and Simn de Beuvolr did not happen through the pure provocation. Educate yourself with thoughts from Owings & Merrill. Something therefore pardoned one to him to the eccentric intellectuals, never to the own daughter. A son outside the marriage was a shame, and some mothers as soon as they could support that her daughter separated after 10 years of union. Meanwhile, the normal cases as soon as they are distinguished of the special ones. Those that lives single, no longer more shady figures, anyway conform a third of the total of the families; pairs without marriage faith largamente passes the million, according to an appreciation of the Ministry of the Francs Family. The parents who raise single to their children grow in number.


To this communication the denunciation would be due to enclose that previously we have interposed. – For the inclusion of the data of non-payment in the registries or files of unpaid debts a debt is demanded that the debt certain, is overcome, indispensable and that have been pending payment, by such circumstance in which is pending to explain the celebration of the corresponding contract is not indispensable, until the verification of the veracity of the facts, that is to say its certainty. – Also it is demanded that the creditor has required of payment to the indebted one before informing the data to the organization responsible for the management. Requirement that must necessarily be credited. – In addition one is due to try that one has inquired previously into which in case of non-payment, would be come to the inscription in this type of files – And finally, if all the previous requirements are fulfilled, the person in charge of the file of weak people, must notify the person who is going to be including in the file, previously, of its inclusion, so that she can defend his position. This circumstance also is forgotten, in infinity of occasions.