The Window

Next to the pole tiara of plastic found only one small that belonged to the girl. In this exactly instant, another shout was heard, but of this time it was a weak shout and it came of the direction of the fence. The boy, desperate ran until the fence, he moved away the foliage and he saw close to a house that was in it besieges a black countenance quickly closing the window, and, also, it heard, of new, the call of the girl, now weakker, come there of inside. It cried out calling the name it, but he did not have reply and fighting against the fear he crossed about barbed wire. The others, that attended, to far, still scared, they turn when it to cross the fence had run to its meeting.

All they had crossed the fence, in the way had been catching wood pieces. When arriving the house, the boys, with wood pieces in the hand insistently tried to burglarize the window and the door, but everything in goes. They kicked and they cried out insistently. There inside a fantasmagrica laugh heard. Furniture beat with great force in the soil and the walls. Suddenly, everything stopped and the only sound that if heard was to uivar of the wind in frechas of the house. The scared boys did not know more what to make.

The one them, youngest one, left running crying out for aid, crossed the fence without giving account of the armor-piercing tips of the wire that tore its clothes and penetrated in the meat. It ran, ran its shouts echoed for all the part calling the attention the inhabitants of the roundness. All, espantos, had started to leave its houses and had run taken for the boy for the o place that were its friends. Of the way it weeds of inside I besiege it, also, came a group of inhabitants of another one I besiege neighbor and had heard the shouts, about one ten inhabitants, between women and men, many armed ones, holding axes, scythes and ceifadores.