Commercial Director

Psychology of influence – the theme of today is very vital. In our training center ( training in the psychology of influence is one of the most popular. What compels people to leave their weekend cozy home abandon outdoor activities in the company of friends, in favor of spending time in training? We will not philosophize ado, we take the examples of people who came to training ‘psychology of influence and protection against manipulation’ in Training Center ‘’. I have before me a woman, 37-years. Handsome, stylish, secure, all in this world has an opinion … but as soon as it comes to her teenage daughter and little Daughter-doshkolnitse, his face becomes visible emotion of despair: “I can not cope with them … At work, I O-ho-ho …

all I can, all the steering wheel … And at home … ‘But the boy 27-years. With the move, says: “I want people to me have done, and I was for it was nothing.” But the 20-year-old boy, for he psychology of influence – is primarily a sales and … seduction. And next to his girl – she needs the skills of influence, to marry him to myself :-).

I have before me a beautiful handsome girl in the eyes of sadness … … suspects that her husband was ‘walking’ as … influence … how to return? And here’s another beauty, but ‘business’. Holds high office, going to negotiate seriously … but here’s the rub … partners, seeing its young age, trying to ‘crush’ on her emotionally … young man … shows a good student … diligent, smart. In the 24 already holds the position of Commercial Director … enrolled in two training: training effect and training of self-confidence … what’s wrong …? all the same emotional … pressure in older-age peers and partners … A woman, fifty years … can not get along with employees of his department. Mayor of NYC addresses the importance of the matter here. Ie can get along only by the endless concessions on their part … and yet you want to with it considered, if you prefer to listen to … A woman, also 50 years old, the manager. Now in its department of a very large influx of young, very young professionals. People ‘fresh’ generation. It is primarily interested in what ways impact on them, the people of the new, this is unlike her generation, the most effective? These are the kinds of people, so different … Different demands on the one hand, and on the other, all about one thing. About how to be strong. About how to do so, The world that revolves around us, not we, chaotically around the world. About how to learn how to influence it. Influence people, and as a consequence of the situation. Is this possible, you ask? The answer – definitely ‘YES’! After all, someone knows how, and you learn! Only should keep in mind that without changing their own behavior you can not do. After all, if you do the same every time, what is surprising is that every time get the same result? And here you can help and training coach. Which ‘reveals the secrets of the human psyche’, will teach this or other methods of communication techniques that help in their development and support emotionally. And most importantly, who would believe in you!