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And all these friends – its potential customers, so such Action you will most likely not see, and do not see. Writing Board considered above the girl that she understood everything and had taken into account, not offended – it is a science. Photographer must be a psychologist and marketing. But first, he must still be photographer. If you do not stick out your nose on your page – you'll never get exactly progress. Where does one show off their creations? In the Vladimir region, there is only one full-length photo resource. This site fotonostra.ru.

In fact, this gallery pictures with the ability to discuss them. What is notable this site? He is very fast, users Trek, as there is not considered traffic, the lack of stringent requirements to the size of photos, no spam, and generally with Site pleasure to work with. If at most sites, photo resolution is limited outside 900h600 pixels and file size of 250-300 kb, then there 2000h1000 pixels and 700 kb. Although I still recommend the standard upload pictures to the Internet 900h600 pixel format, since the viewing audience the big shots may limit their monitors. Roughly speaking, the picture just is not fully fit in the monitor. There are no limitations and the number of photos, although sometimes it becomes a disadvantage. Several times laid out for new users 20-30 are very similar pictures, in which artistry can be found except that their author. At fotonostre publish their work and professional photographers.

But recent attempts to troll have been seen there. A couple of examples: from the user '' in the user's 'Magellan', or by 'vvv' in the direction of Alexei Kiselyov. Explicit trolling quite easily note: negative will flow, even though what is depicted in the photo. Troll always find a flaw, but only in specific authors, others will praise. I recommend to simply ignore these commentators. But you can get a comment from a professional. The main thing to understand that he does not want you to hurt his criticism. Criticism – this is a sobering element to be useful, if you treat him right. Finished article wish that you laid out more photos and comment on other people. Just do not lay out everything and show the audience something that you really tried hard. Enough for three photos a week to get enough times. As for the comments, I would like to see not only the 'beautiful', but at least 2-3 sentences in which it would be painted what you liked and what does not. Do not forget about loyalty. It should be understood that you only write your opinion. Not the fact that you understand, for example, in the composition, better labels. You do not 'measure', you are a critic. Just respect their opinions.