Revolucion Podcast

A podcast is an audio file that we recorded through a program, we convert it to mp3, we hung it on a page of accommodation that will provide us with a link to insert it in our blog where our visitors may hear, subscribe via RSS or download it to your computer. We can also place a podcast player so that they can be heard from our blog without having to get out of this. (Source: Mary Barra). There are directories of podcast, which we will use to create our channel according to the issue that we deal with and so we can get to more audience. That is why while we endorse to more major directories reach will have.The podcast are referred to as the radio of the future, since we can choose what they want to listen, Subscribe to new episodes and hear them as we please. For this reason there are many radio stations and newspapers that distribute their programs or content via podcast and will soon use it all means as a matter of do not fall behind of what the entire audience probably will claim.While most we discovered this world will be multiplying the benefits in using them, since no investment, anyone can create your channel or his radio program, earn with advertising and compete with anyone.It is also a way to brighten up and give more life to our blog.There is much more to know about podcasts that we will surely go while discovering more move us into this world some hosting services Podomatic,, Archive.