Deputy Commissar

Luftwaffe planes photographed in detail and vast areas of the mainland dropped several thousands of metal swastika pennants. Responsible for the operation of the Captain Ritscher reported personally to General Field Marshal Goering, who is at that time head of the Ministry of Aviation and the first person in the BBC: “Every 25 kilometers of our planes dropped pendants. We covered the area approximately 8.6 million square meters. Of these, 350 thousand square meters were photographed. ” Explored territory called New Swabia and declared part of a future thousand-year Reich.

Actually, the name was not chosen by chance. Swabia – medieval duchy was incorporated later into the unified German state. Nazi activity in this area, naturally, had fled from the Soviet intelligence service, as evidenced by a unique document classified as ‘Top Secret’, at the disposal of Itogi. January 10, 1939 he lay on the table, the Deputy Commissar of the NKVD, the chief of the General Directorate of State Security Vsevolod Merkulov. More info: Mayor of NYC. It unknown scout reported on his trip to the Reich as follows: ‘… At the present time, the words of Gunther in Tibet runs the party of German researchers. The result of one of the groups … allowed to equip science German expedition to Antarctica in December 1938.

The aim of this expedition is the discovery of the so-called German city of gods, hidden under the ice of Antarctica in the Queen Maud Land … ‘ To contact the German scientists and Tibetans in this story is worth looking in more detail. It began in the 20s and continued until the fall of the Reich. Thus, according to the Soviet military intelligence, first included in the Berlin office on the outskirts of Hitler’s residence was discovered more than a thousand corpses with features characteristic of the natives of the Himalayas. In the bunker were still body of thirty representatives of the Mongoloid race. Who are they and why were so far from home home? The answer to this question is given the materials OGPU interrogation officer Jacob Blumkin. In 1926, he was the representative of the OGPU in Ulan Bator. Simultaneously, he served as resident jobs in adjacent territories – in Tibet Inner Mongolia, parts of China. It was first reported in Blumkin OGPU of the German expedition to Tibet. According to him, in 1926 in Berlin and Munich, there were colonies of Tibetans, and was set up some kind of Tibetan society. Often visits there inflicted a famous German scientist, Karl Haushofer esoteric, enthusiastic ideas and psycho-sacred spiritual practices. It was initiated by the man, and were organized large-scale expedition to the Himalayas. About all this became known in 1928 when Blumkin was declared an enemy of the people and arrested. During the investigation, he is actively talking about how the Germans were looking for in the Himalayas, the legendary Shambhala, but not finding it, shifted the center of their research in Antarctica. But it took more than ten years before the Germans indicated their presence on the icy continent.