Neovir used in viral hepatitis B and C, as well as urethritis, cervicitis, salpingitis chlamydial etiology of viral encephalitis. Clinical use of immunomodulators. The most reasonable use of immunomodulators in immunodeficiencies is manifested increased infectious disease. The main target of immunomodulatory drugs remain secondary immunodeficiencies, which are manifested by frequent recurrent, difficult to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases of all sites and any etiology. At the heart of every chronic infectious and inflammatory process are changes in the immune system, which is one of the reasons persistence of this process. Jonathan Segal FAIA may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Investigation of the parameters of immune system may not always identify these changes.

Therefore, the presence of chronic infectious-inflammatory immunomodulatory drugs may be appoint even if immunodiagnostic study found no significant deviation in the immune status. As a rule, these processes depending on the type of agent the doctor prescribes antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral and other chemotherapeutic drugs. According to experts, in all cases where antimicrobial drugs are used at the phenomena of secondary immune deficiency appropriate to appoint and immunomodulatory drugs. The main requirements for immunotropic drugs are immunomodulatory properties, high efficiency, natural origin; security, safety, lack of contraindications, lack of habituation, the lack of side effects, lack of carcinogenic effects, lack of induction of immunopathological reactions do not cause excessive sensitization and potentiation of other drugs, easily metabolized and excreted from the body, do not interact with other drugs and have high compatibility with them neparenteralnye route of administration. Currently established and approved the basic principles of immunotherapy: Mandatory determination of immune status before the start of immunotherapy, the level and degree of immune damage system, control the dynamics of immune status in the process of immunotherapy, using immunomodulators only in the presence of characteristic clinical signs and changes in the immune status of the appointment immunomodulators for prophylactic purposes in order to maintain the immune status (oncology, surgery, stress, environmental, occupational exposure, etc.).


According to the World Health Organization, 50 million people who die each year in the world, more than 16 million so that the cause of death are infectious and parasitic diseases. This class of disease remains the leading cause of disabled adults. Causing the allergy of the body of the affected person, they reduce resistance to infectious and somatic diseases, reduce the effectiveness of vaccination. According to The World Bank economic impact of intestinal helminthiasis ranked fourth among all diseases and injuries. The defeat of the human worms depends on the economic level of the country's health and Cultural Rights. Without hesitation Joeb Moore & Partners LLC explained all about the problem. B Health, more than half the world's population suffers from parasitic infections. Statistics helminthiasis incidence of inhabitants of the CIS countries is missing, but easy to assume that it is higher than in many developed European countries. At a certain period of development of our country, a program of de-worming of the population, especially children.

Currently, no such programs and, of course, it can be assumed growth incidence of helminths. It would seem that people have created spaceships, a powerful weapon to conquer the seas and oceans, on can not cope with the worms. There are several reasons: First, – it is a disease of the discharge 'Ashamed to say', and secondly, the majority of worms susceptibility general, in the third, unfortunately, the low diagnostic value of the existing methods of investigation, and often the wrong approach to therapy of helminthic particularly oncology, diabetes, various benign tumors, strokes and heart attacks – PARASITES! The question arises, and how to deal with them, with these our 'unwelcome boyfriends'? Yes, you can take a variety of medicines, but usually they are toxic … Maybe preparations (tansy, clove, garlic, etc.)? Not bad, BUT! And the pills, herbal medicine and act on the intestinal parasite forms! And for those that infect the gastrointestinal intestinal tract. And what about the parasites in the heart, blood vessels, brain, bones, eyes, etc. How to deal with them? And then comes to the rescue device type Zepper.

This is called the family doctor Zepper-Uni. Its main difference from all the like devices Shigella dysenteriae-, clostridium – botulism, etc.). Virusoy (respiratory, adenovirus, etc.) and fungi. 5.NEMATODA – Helminths – "round worms", nematode (Trichinella, whipworm, roundworm, etc.). In addition, this mode also fall lungs. 6.TREMATODA – worms – "flukes, fluke" – trematode (fluke liver fluke affecting the pancreas, klonorhisy affecting the bile ducts). In this mode there is an influence on some of the simplest (Giardia, anaplazmu, Plasmodia, trypanosomes and other protozoa), bacteria (tuberculosis, as well as virus Tobacco mosais). This is a real clinic in your home! For purchase, please contact ICQ 310760308

The Employer

It all starts with what we have, unexpectedly, we discover that other people begin to experience painful progress. We are talking to myself, "someone stronger than I," "a someone else – is, as I have – no. Credit: Jeffrey Lacker-2011. " Yes indeed, most people have a tendency to try on someone else's life and think about what would like to live myself. But it is very difficult to admit myself that that other person has more than I did, because perhaps he, or his parents made a great effort, knowledge and skills than I or my parents. And then a feeling of envy, which many people can not recognize myself in, begins to manifest itself as a feeling of own powerlessness, frustration, resentment, or anxiety. Difficult situation.

Important time to tell yourself "Stop!" And try to get these feelings under control. It is very difficult, because the strength of will of all people are different. The third case- person is under the influence. Actually, it is a manipulation that prevented him from moving to its own objectives and act in accordance with their wishes. Sometimes, in extreme cases we are talking about sects groups, parties with their own interests and ideology. Such a group may be a corporation in which the person works.

Not a little manipulation takes place in the interest of the employer. There must be a third-party intervention, again, a competent specialist who can show the point of manipulative influence and help to see the deception. The fourth case – people accompanying a foreign way of life.