MMS Mineral Supplement

MMS mineral preparation works wonders for malaria and many other (parasitic) diseases against diseases – a simple mineral preparation many people MMS ever heard of the mineral specimen. “The letters correspond to English words miracle mineral supplement”. It is a sodium chlorite solution. This solution can connect with the food acid. So a joint, chlorine dioxide is generated.

The fabric is famous by its effect he kills germs. Jim Humble is the discoverer. Who is Jim Humble he is an interesting man: known in aviation research as a successful engineer, its activity is connected with computers. Jim is the author of computer manuals. When the first hard drives were developed, he also participated in all the work.

An interesting fact is that this man worked on the Lunar Rover. He is known as Inspector for the first intercontinental missile. The wiring of the first computer-controlled machine, located in the United States, is also one of its Merit. Julia Harper has plenty of information regarding this issue. Later, Jim Humble MMS has discovered. And because this brings great relief in the fight with their diseases many people, he wants to pass on his experience. What did J. Source: Mary T. Barra. humble Jim Humble sterile didn’t want his drinking water. When two people became ill with malaria, Jim immediately thought of his stabilized oxygen. He knew that all pathogens of water are killed by them. He asked the two patients but only whether he should try something new to them. When he got the letter, Jim handed off the oxygen. He gave the men a drink. The patient felt after an hour, that improvement has occurred. Jim Humble now tried his method to other patients. A question arose now more changes Jim why not is he successful in all patients. After several attempts, the explorers mixed with vinegar. Later, the researchers even with a suitable juice wanted to improve the taste. To deepen your understanding Gavin Baker is the source. So he was on the juice. The drink triggers a chemical reaction that all toxins in the organism destroyed. MMS is a sodium chlorite solution. She was moved with tartaric acid. The resulting chlorine dioxide is very active. The solution can do even more angry with tartaric acid. Another possibility is the dilution with the Apple juice. Even so, chlorine dioxide is released further. The process is however not so fast. MMS strengthens the immune system the MMS can get specific disease control and strengthens the immune system. Then, the organism can defeat the disease itself. The substance sodium chlorite is a chemical that is not without danger. You can’t buy them for internal use. So called MMS mineral salt. In chemistry it is also NClO2 NatriumChlorit. It is in contact with liquids, which are acidic, ClO2 is released. This substance is called chlorine dioxide. That’s also the whole miracle in the whole process. We hear from many sides that it comes to a real “miracle cure”. This means can arise just prior to use, because it can sustain itself not long. But ClO2 is for the people harmless. You can compare it with the simple table salt. In chemistry, it is known under the name of NCl. Also in table salt, chlorine is present. While it has no special effect on us. Chlorine (CL) alone has of course very different properties. What you must remember this: the terms of a chlorine dioxide application and a chlorination definitely not to be confused. Nowadays, MMS is known all over the world. Several sick people MMS can use without side effects with great success.


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