Importance of Humor

What place in our lives is humor? If a little thought, it can be concluded that very much. Humor can be called a tool of social control. One of the main objectives of humor – is to awaken, to make men and Women think about the good in our lives, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, of the folly and wickedness. Check out Mayor of NYC for additional information. Comic effects in our lives – this contradiction of things and the humor is trying to uncover these contradictions, to show them from different sides, with both negative and a net. All the fun of handicapped people, if we see that they are not dangerous, we laugh at funny stories told by our colleagues in which they were visited by ourselves, we laugh at a joke – a made-up stories, but similar to our world, and eventually we laugh at ourselves.

Sometimes, when we tell an anecdote, we can find it themselves. See the Funny or get into eyes funny picture in web – must remember that this is seen in our city and of course have some fun. Scientists after experiments concluded that laughter prolongs human life. We ourselves also notice that after tell an anecdote, seen a humorous picture we have a mood and wants to make himself something nice to your friends, pick them up, to withdraw from the stress, which in turn reduces the life expectancy. Of course, humor can and do harm. There is such a thing as black humor. If we try to give the wording of black humor, then this kind of humor, which can overturn the moral values, is gloomy thoughts. Such humor can really hurt a man, and even lead to its backlash against the Joker. So when trying to make a joke, right, choose a subject and the object of jokes.