Eighth Degree

Those are indeed these students that began their transformations in the Eighth Degree. they learned Physics by classes Television, having in their majority professors with the enormous merit to face teaching, which they took the step to the front, and tried to give the best thing of himself but in essence no they counted on the experience and necessary knowledge for it influencing in the learning of the students who arrive at the level superior with serious problems with the development from abilities in the interpretation from texts, resolution of problems, in the mathematical calculation and generally in the development of the logical thought students who pass much work to happen still more of the level of reproduction to the level of application and to the one of creation. In interviews to originating students of our center of different training centers we could state that the subject this not distributing itself regularly in the IPI, students refers to have attended the subject the three first courses, they both received it to others in last years of the race and some received a synthesis of the content and others did not receive it. The described thing previously is easy yet to determine that the student today enters the University with lagoons of knowledge, does not dominate to the basic concepts of the Physics elements that are of great importance for the correct one development of the process of learning in this level. 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS. For the elaboration of the investigation several methods of investigation were applied within which they are counted: Theoretical methods: The historical-logical one, that it allowed to penetrate in the object of the investigation, antecedents and development to the present time. Documentary analysis, systematizes referring to bibliographical and the methodology documents. These sustain the education learning process for each one of the mean levels: basic, average superior and college student.