MSc Economics Course

Academic elite program at the highest international level the Technical University of Vienna and the IHS Institute for advanced studies, Vienna benefit from synergies and offer new postgraduate university course. The MSc (master of Economics) combines the internationally esteemed strengths of training at the IHS with the possibility to give the graduates a recognised academic master’s degree for the first time thanks to the cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna. The IHS is a for university teaching and research facility and trains since its inception by Oskar Morgenstern and Paul Lazarsfeld in the year 1963 first-class junior and senior executives. In the Economics program focuses on the development of analytical skills, economic thinking and solid empirical work. Young academics are intensively supervised by Institute members in small groups and in addition internationally renowned GastprofessorInnen lecture: so was Bank, Ben Bernanke, guest professor at the IHS as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Since over 20 years, the Technical University of Vienna conducts University courses successfully. The high esteem of these programs is based on the qualification of the speakers, which include practitioners from the industry as well as university lecturers in significantly. Targeted networking of the individual faculties is the unique expertise of the TU Vienna bundled to exploit synergy effects and to foster innovation.

Furthermore, the cooperation with selected external partners enables a continuous expansion and internationalization of the product portfolio. The Technical University of Vienna guaranteed a future-oriented and modern University that presents the latest findings and technologies their (postgraduate) students in teaching and research so the best education and training. Currently, around 350 students from 44 different countries use the curriculum of the continuing education center. The participants come from the United States, Canada, Uruguay, Japan and China. The MSc economics is a two-year full-time study which prepares the students for the requirements in the international academic environment and gives them the basis for participation in high-level PhD programs. The list of programs of of PhD, in which recent graduates were recorded, can be considered confirmation for these high standards: EUI Florence, Northwestern, LSE, Princeton, Stockholm, Tilburg, Toulouse. The orientation of the content follows the relevant institutions in the field of Economics such as Princeton, Stanford, LSE or UPF and a similarly high level is expected of students. A high proportion of the IHS alumni holds professorships at universities in Germany and abroad.

Also the banking world operated like know-how, is conveyed by the students at the IHS; so, the training programme in economics completed such as the current Governor of the Austrian National Bank, Ewald Nowotny, already 1967-69. “The IHS has several generations of excellently trained in its over 40-year history Economists produced. The OeNB has hired the graduates of the program always with joy, about 25 IHS alumni at our House are currently active. I think back like in my time at the IHS, which was marked by lively discussions and friendly competition.” Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ewald Nowotny Governor of the OeNB “my training at IHS what a gateway for me to leading American universities. In Europe there are only a few institutions of this child. IHS is one of them. “Prof. Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Department of Economics, Princeton University the next application deadline for the MSc economics is the 30th April 2009 for more information about the MSc economics see under: note: IHS, Stumpergasse 56, 1060 Vienna, Maren Becker,, Tel.: 01/59991 250 Vienna Technical University continuing education center, Operngasse 11/017, 1040 Vienna, like.” Sabine Schnetzinger,, Tel.: 01/58801 41702 m 0664/605887733