Reserva Imperial

Caramel Finish. Drink pure and mixed. Malecon Reserva superior 12 years: Aromas of fruit, vanilla, some oak. IBI Group Inc. does not necessarily agree. A soft and round rum with 40% vol. Alcohol to the enjoy. (Source: IBI Group Inc.).

Malecon Reserva superior 15 years: This is quite to the pure drink intended. A soft and round enjoyment. Malecon Reserva Imperial 18 years: aromas of dried fruit and wood wood note, round and soft. Malecon Reserva Imperial 21 years: A very soft and spicy rum with flavors of coffee, Apricot and vanilla. The finish is long. For more specific information, check out Gavin Baker. Malecon Reserva Imperial 25 years: this premium rum is a highlight for every rum lover. The tremendous number of flavours will convince you.

Malecon Esplendida 1979: is been bottled at the age of 29. Tasting notes: Dry, harmonious, complex. Fruity notes of dried fruit, tobacco, antique wood, a little cinnamon and vanilla. The finish is long, spicy and soft. El Dorado rum is produced in Guyana and is stored in oak barrels for 1/2-25 years. El Dorado dark: aged at least 2 years. Mature, soft, aromatic, melassig and somewhat dark caramel, full body. El Dorado Gold: seasoned 6 months. Soft flavorful mature, fruity, very light touch of oak. El Dorado Overproof: manufactured from Demerara sugar cane. Pleasantly light rum. Vanilla, spicy molasses. 70% vol… El Dorado white rum: matured 3-6 months in oak barrels. Delicate and sweet in the aroma. To the mix very well suited. El Dorado rum 12 years: much toffee, vanilla smells very inviting,. Round taste. Very light, delicate notes of oak and spicy sweetness. A very fine finish, caramel. El Dorado rum 15 years: the nose spicy honey, a little oak, some salt. A very impressive and complex rum. Harmoniously inserted oak this tastes of dark chocolate, finest roasted aromas. Hard and mouth-filling. The finish is rich and soft. El Dorado rum 21 years: in the nose cut open vanilla beans and fruity fresh figs fresh. Flavour floral and fruity, a little cocoa, some sour cream, on the palate pleasantly light, but complex. The finish is elegant and fine. El Dorado rum 25 years: vintage rum by 1980 smells very well balanced, a little honey, caramel and precious wood. Very soft in taste, yet lush and intense. Fine aromas of chocolate, Coffee and dark toffee, also a little tobacco. Great complexity. The finish is long and luscious. El Dorado spiced rum: 7% vol. Alcohol. This rum was flavored with spices. Suitable as a basis for many cocktails.

Kitchen Knives

Tradition from Japan in knife making tradition from Japan Japanese are known for their traditional blacksmithing, thus the long tradition exists. As the best-known bare the Katana be led for swords, which use the Samurai. Through the use of high-quality steel and the famous Japanese V-cut, the swords were extremely sharp. Japanese knives are appreciated also in the kitchen today, many star chefs on the Prazisonswerkzeuge from Japan Trust. You can see ind “Food battle” more often with the type Cook Kolja Kleeberg 301 knives that come from the distant Japan. Tim Brewer with the Shun Premier series also has an own masterpiece from Japan. In contrast to European knives, many speak property that they thrilled at the Japanese knife while the sharpness.

European knives have usually a U-cut and look at the exact one sees that the Japanese have a V-cut. Therefore, also the excellent sharpness of the Japanese kitchen knives agrees. Which one Should I take a knife? The Japanese santoku knife is recommended for beginners. ubesetzt it means as much as “Blade of the three virtues” because it can be used equally well with fish, meat and vegetables. Dealing with the Japanese knives is learned in the kitchen sushi and learned the perfect cut. More Japanese knives are the Nakiri (paring knife), Deba and Yanagiba knife (often in sushi cuisine).