Derek Fisher

Starting with veteran Steve Nash (Suns), Jason Kidd (Mavericks), Tony Parker (Spurs), Mike Bibby (Hawks), Chauncey Billups (Nuggets), Derek Fisher (Lakers), Andre Miller (Blazers) and Baron Davis (Clippers). Passing through the not so tanned but yes experienced – and proven – Chris Paul (Hornets), Deron Williams (Jazz), Rajon Rondo (Celtics), Jameer Nelson (Magic), Jose Calderon (Raptors), Raymond Felton (Knicks) and Devin Harris (Nets). Reaching young people of formidable projection, as Derrick Rose (Bulls), Brandon Jennings (Bucks), Tyreke Evans (Kings), Darren Collison (Pacers), Goran Dragic (Suns), Stephen Curry (Warriors, who can play both owner base or escort) and the rookie John Wall (Wizards), selected in the first location of the 2010 NBA Draft. Among others. Another intrigue: how will position Ricky Rubio in the meantime talent when it arrives at the League next year? During the world FIBA in Turkey, the coach of the United States, Mike Krzyzewski, team spared no praise toward the Spanish base. He believes that it will be one of the best players in his position in the NBA and also pointed out: is physically larger than the last time that I had seen it (in Beijing 2008) and plays very hard in defence; and because it is a base that thinks pass before that in pull, they will want all those who play with him. He has improved his shot and not afraid.

Praise lovey-dovey, nothing less than part of Coach K. Finally, what can we say of the merit of the Caracas Greivis Vasquez, of having been selected in the first round of the Draft, taking into account this super population of bases shipowners of excellent level? Simply: remarkable. Tremendous pride to the Venezuelan basketball! By Alejandro a. Sanchez worked as NBA reporter for various media in your country. During season 07-08 toured the United States and each of the stages of the NBA documenting the experience on a blog on ESPN Deportes, denominadoo the path to the NBA.In turn, Alejandro is professional basketball referee in your country Since 1998 and FIBA referee since 2008. His taste for sports journalism and his passion for the NBA decided to create, a site of basketball in Spanish which main goal is to bring the NBA to the large Latin American community.