The statement “no preservatives” in dog and cat food must not necessarily be a positive quality. Pets-Royale informed about preservatives in pet food. The legislature inexplicably distinguishes “Antioxidants” and “Preservatives”. Therefore, also anyone who preserved his product with the toxic chemicals BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin, but “no preservatives” on its cans and packages must write. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Baojun. Especially ethoxyquin is a toxic substance from the home of Monsanto and found occasionally used as insecticide and pesticide; used but still in the animal feed production, because it is all most powerful antioxidant. This material is forbidden in the human diet. Pets Royale guarantees that pets Royale dog food and cat food no artificial preservatives and artificial antioxidants are included. Pets Royale places special emphasis on the fact that pets Royale dog food and cat food no animal studies were carried out and be. Of course, the use of products from slaughterhouse in pets Royale is guaranteed excluded dog food and cat food. For more information see Paul Heider