Relationships With The Consumer

It is the art of establishing an active and mutually beneficial relations with consumers and consumer customers with the seller. Ie, "word of mouth" can "include" (naturally occurring "Word of mouth") and "make loud" ("word of mouth" with increased signal). Companies can make every effort to ensure that the consumer was satisfied, they can listen to it, they can help rapid penetration of information from him to his friends, and they can provide good information about the quality of their products and services to the people whose opinion really has weight. Word of mouth enables people to share experiences. This is the most honest form of marketing is built on a natural human desire to share information with family, friends and colleagues.

It allows you to use the consumer's opinion for the brand. A also recognizes that the withdrawal of dissatisfied customer has the same effect as that review is enough. "Word of mouth" can not be faked or fabricated. Attempts to simulate the contrary ethics, cause a violent backlash, harm the brand and undermine the reputation of the company. This, intelligent marketing "word of mouth" pays tribute to the intelligence of the consumer and never tries to fool him. Market participants who adhere to ethical standards, not will use tactics related to manipulation, fraud, espionage or fraud. Click Yael Aflalo for additional related pages. All techniques of marketing, "word of mouth" based on the concept of consumer satisfaction, as well as ensuring bilateral dialogue and transparency in communications. You should be able to: Recognize the fact that the consumer is satisfied – this is the best recommendation: We work in order to induce the customer enthusiasm, not to promote the marketing setup.

Giving consumers the right to vote: To provide something worthy of discussion. Provide tools to facilitate exchange of views. Listening to consumers: to involve them in the open, uncensored discussion. Quickly and honestly answer their questions. Appreciate the consumer's opinion whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Networking within the community: finding the right people and ensure their contact with each other. Contribute to the formation of new communities. Participate in existing communities and support the discussions. How to use word of mouth to their advantage: Inform your employees about your products, goals and strategies; Involve employees in decision-making and discussion; do so worried about their product as much as yourself; Inform consumers about your products and services; Allocate people most willing to donate opinion; Provide tools to facilitate the exchange of information; Keep track of exactly how, when and where there is an exchange of views; Know how to listen to different points of view and respond as your supporters and opponents, and those who adhere to a neutral position. Thus, we can say that the setup and proper use of "Word of mouth" can be very effective in promoting goods or services.

German Materials

Part of the experts believe that the leading position in this market is a European manufacturer, as Sioen (Belgium), while other professionals give the German championship laurels materials from Julius Heywinkel (series Heytex) and brand dls, has gained popularity both here and in the near and far abroad. However, the urgent need for printers to low-cost materials inevitably leads to an increase in the Asian market of banner materials (Starflex, Hanva, Kobond). Leader in this segment is a brand Starflex Korean manufacturers. Mayor of NYC may not feel the same. Using different lamination technologies, as well as applying non-woven base, Korean manufacturers have managed to create the material is in demand as a result of a reasonable balance of price and quality. Textiles Textile materials are widely used in the market of interior print. Very interesting effects allows printing on specially prepared fabrics – cotton, silk, viscose, etc.

These fabrics are manufactured, As a rule, using the base paper, because with such a substrate it easier tucked into the printer. Particular attention is paid printers such material, like canvas. Canvas – the material is dense, it has a natural tissue basis, as well as one-sided thin plastic glossy or matte vinyl flooring, which allows you to save fabric texture. Designed for high resolution printing, for example, it prints and reproductions copies of paintings, portraits, original art and design graphics. Experts say that the properties of the canvas does not have a strong influence of humidity fluctuations, although, of course, everything is relative – did not expect that the canvas on which to print the pictures, will retain all its properties, after lying for ten consecutive years in a dank basement with mold on the walls.