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Therefore I propose to participate in the discussion new education law Last Act officer, who discussed the whole country, has already been adopted. 2. The registration of domains (sites) in the area. Rf, is immediately hit in the reports of investigations because of the desire of some in this essentially earn. But it happened! The average cost of registering a site in the area.

Rf, according to the director of the Coordination Center for TLD Andrei Kolesnikov, as in the area. Ru, be 500-600 rubles. Russian News Service …<= ru 3. In Moscow, a new MED – Sergei Sobyanin, he needs to sort out the deals now traffic jams in Moscow. While considering methods for lowering the high-voltage wires into the ground, and such places to build new tracks. Just the whole gos.apparat he translated the work from 8 am to unload the track. Settled the Met, which has undertaken over the next three years to build a 50 km. (Earlier in the year built 3 km) and to connect with the nearest Moscow Suburbs.

Cheaper happened with the Court of Auditors, which is sent to the Metro Sobyanin. After verification, the Metropolitan and found an opportunity to accelerate the building and its cheaper …. Perhaps even the Metropolitan cost of travel will not lift in the new year, out of harm’s way. To solve the problems with traffic jams, I sent a proposal to restore the building Rokada. Who knows, it’s tunnels, which are already designed and partly commissioned.