Guide to Success

When I wrote my book Guide to success and wealth, excited and worried at the same time by offering a quality material, with the ability to offer relief who identified with his title, could not conceive the fact of perhaps forgetting those concepts or ideas that were demonstrating in my mind and that intended me to translate then in the draft, in fact, several times I had this accident, to my regret. I learned then that I should write down how much good thought statement that happens I, or themes that you would then expose. Another of the things you would learn is that ideas are like lights that are switched on and off with the same rapidity with which emerged. Those who value the concept of the idea, for his work know that soon after they appear, so suddenly go away, that thought has done its work, poets, philosophers and novelists, have learned the value of keeping a record of the fruit of their thoughts; It happens not always manifested in the moment that we are dedicated to the task of writing and comfortably sitting at our desks, there are many opportunities that sprout in less developed cirscuntancias, and when we least expect them, there is solution to this or that problem, almost unwittingly, taking body in our imagination. This is why I have always hand my notebook and pen from annotations beside my bed or in the kitchen, we never know when and where appears a good idea, even when I go home I have with me my apunes book, I discovered that my best ideas occur in my mind in the moments more unusual. As a result of is habit, I have pondered and come to the conclusion that in an indirect way possess a unique perspective of my personality. Today where everything seems more convulsed, we find the current era full of insecurity at a global level, due to crisis of different natures, compounding issues related to the ethical, moral and spiritual deterioration in this framework, one of the problems that we face, we retain our individuality, that so our which can not be mutated, and differentiates me from my fellow. This unique custom of using my notes demurred, I assists and helps to fight and end up victorious against agitation and bustle that often surrounds me, my existence is much more organized and not let myself be dragged down so easy by the chaos of daily life.. Go to General Motors Company for more information.