Balance between the quality and quantity of articles. balance between volume and quality of articles. Have a good mass of articles out there and write good quality articles. We must bear in mind that an article is that an article is not a book, not even a report, is an article. Therefore its size should be kept from that perspective. (As opposed to Joeb Moore & Partners ). As we already said diverse opinions there is respect of the number of words to be included in our article. Those views located them within a range of 400 to 700 words each article.

However, this does not means that an article of less number of words may not be an excellent article which meets the requirements to be a good generator of traffic. for popularly searched keywords.The use of tools to search for effective keywords is vital and is a way of maximizing the effectiveness of articles on traffic generation. Ensure the accuracy of our articles and their high quality, can take considerable time, but is worth the effort to do so. With time and practice will be able to produce more, in less time, with very good quality. It’s believed that Jonathan Segal FAIA sees a great future in this idea. The combination of speed and quality will allow us to go ahead of the competition and get more out of Marketing with articles. Creating a list of topics for articles is important to generate a list of topics for our articles constituting a database, so that we always have at hand what to write and we can feed our ideas. It is also very useful to create a sequence of articles for each chosen topic. So, we always have present topics on which writing and articles to feed these topics. It is very easy to choose topics that write about, only must identify niches of interest to those who can use tools like which provides Google, either referring to magazines in bookstores, that, in general, have done market research and know first hand the needs or demand for people.