Wardrobes. Their Characteristics And Properties

If you wish to give a modern style of the apartment and use the area with the greatest benefit, you can not do without-in closets. They may be standard or developed on an individual project based on your wishes, features apartments and other nuances. From design point of view it is best to look like built-in closet designed by individual project. In addition to the beautiful appearance, closets help eliminate existing imperfections in the rooms and hallway. In the closet can store not only clothing. There can add up all not very necessary, always get underfoot things, and necessary items such as ironing board, skis, a washing machine.

If your closet is developed on a personal project, the designer in advance will provide space for bulky items and take into account all your requirements in the development of wardrobe. Wardrobes characterized by high functionality and can be installed in almost any room: living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and children. Even a balcony can become the location of the closet. Functionality-in closets saves space in small spaces. If the door wardrobe from the outside to make a mirror, it will visually enlarge the room and provide additional illumination. Modern wardrobes – the most appropriate spatial decision problem. Rich variety of colors of materials and a wide range of accessories will find the most suitable for your decor and taste-in closet.

To summarize. What, then, properties have closets? > Functionality. In the closet you can put a lot of things and fill them all the space to the ceiling. Closets allow you to hide things non-standard sizes that do not fit into the design Apartments (vacuum cleaner and ironing board). > Stylishness. Beautiful cabinet can beautify and diversify the interior of an apartment or house. For example, the classic type of built-in mirror wardrobe (strict straight line to the ceiling) perfectly suited to the niche where the wardrobe is invisible and creates the effect of 'mirror wall'. In addition, in the fashion now partitions, which will not only effectively increase the space of an apartment, but if you want reduced. > Individuality. You can determine the number of requests that the designer will certainly take into account when designing the wardrobe, or even to design their own wardrobe. > And finally, the optimal the use of floor space. Designed for specific dimensions of built-in closet would fill the inaccessible areas of the premises, freeing up precious space. In this case, instead of the back and side walls, bottom and lid, you can use wall, floor and ceiling of the room. Few would argue about the fact that the wardrobe fits perfectly into the corridor, but it was a controversial appearance in his room. Nowadays, when many complement the company's closet shelves for books and a writing desk, wardrobe and looks very good in the rooms. For one-bedroom apartments designed cabinet with single and double beds. Proposal of a new product that meets two different functions has a synergistic effect, which makes buying a profitable client.