TMC Accounts

Therefore, if you do not take into account your receipt and make more cash receipt for payment from the buyer – cash "zadvoitsya." In my opinion, easier to work with the flag "postings on hand just to make cash orders", select "Use the list of valid Posting "allows you to filter the accounts selection window, so make sure you have seen only those accounts that may have corresponded to the entered. This facilitates the selection of accounts and helps to avoid errors, the last two props – "Some bills for specials. account for VAT "and" Use special. account for VAT "were" inherited "from the canceled orders CMU and NBU 23.03-2004, 359. (Source: Joeb Moore & Partners ). Uncheck those items. We proceed to the next page Assistant filling constants. Ajit Pai will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Here are filled with so-called service parameters that describe which elements directories "Currencies", "Gross income and expenses" and "Types of costs" will be substituted in the appropriate boxes of documents by default.

The handbook "Currencies" is now only one element of the "Hryvnia". The remaining two handbooks are supplied already fully occupied. Recall that change the structure of these directories should be cautious and only justified cases. Now click "Next", you'll go to the "Parameters defining the user interface" (Fig. 6). There are set additional options, easier to work with the program. Consider the Then all the details of the window: "Date the ban editing" allows you to set its value.

Then enter the changes will be permitted only dates later than recorded in the constant. Earlier documents and operations will be available for viewing only, select "Protect document printed forms of copying," allows you to set the constant "Flag Protection table." Taking off the mark, you will be able to save and edit print form documents and reports. One of the benefits – the possibility of any printed document or save the report in Excel (File – Save As) by removing the checkmark from the "Show documents in printed form Ukrainian language, "you give the command to use the Russian language in the forms of documents, records and accounts in the Plan, noting flagged items" Request number in the selection of a TMC in the documents "and" Show me the remnants of the TMC in documents ", you make the filling table parts of documents more comfortable. But if your company a huge range of TMC, it is possible that a program with such a setup would work slowly, with partionnom TMC registered in the same consignment expenditure may be several rows with the same names of products from different parties. Select the checkbox item "overhead lines, different parties, to display a single line when printing" then the documents will be automatically turn off these lines in one final, block or allow the use of trade discounts can, by checking or unchecking the item "Use a discount of bills and invoices"; parameter name "Display Name of staff in all printed forms" a clear indication of his appointment. Fig. 6 Now click "Next", you will pass on the penultimate page assistant. There will be invited to simultaneously change all the dates in the history of constant values. Now click "Next", you'll go to the last window of the Wizard. "OK" button in that window closes and the assistant records all changes made. Button "Cancel" closes the window without changing the constants. "Back" button will take you back to the now past the windows. All issues can be found at author – Yarmak Oksana