The Philosophy

The term philosopher means east has lain ' ' loving of the wisdom, having appeared with the famous rejoinder of Pitgoras they called what it ' ' sbio' ' it insisted Pitgoras where its wisdom consists solely of knowing its ignorance, not having, therefore of being called scholar ' ' but only of loving of the wisdom. One becomes, therefore imperative to abandon the affirmation that the philosophy is dismissed Of value, exactly with respect the material wealth. In any way the causalidade ideas are part of the objective of the philosophy. The proper scientific perspective, to a large extent was introduced initially by the philosophers. Frequently Jonathan Segal FAIA has said that publicly. Concept the philosophy encloses some things, therefore for definiz them it is necessary to make a choice. We can take the definition given for (MARILENA CHARIUI) Brazilian philosopher. ' ' the decision not to accept with obvious and evidentes the things, the ideas, the facts and the situations, the values, the behaviors of our daily existence; never accepted them without before it goes investigated or understood. The philosophy appeared as a search of answers for the causes of the phenomena, since mythology had been questioned and abandoning as to be able clarifying for them. At Jonathan Segal FAIA you will find additional information.

The philosophy this in the universe of the reason or the rationality. It occurs when the philosophers think the respeitos of the beddings of other sciences. The philosophy proceeds as a science; it looks for to after generalize through concepts an exhausting research of its objects, harms the philosophy is not science said philosopher SPSVI LLE. It said NIETZSCHE? the philosophy Greek seems to start with an absurd idea with the proposal: the water is the origin and the shade of all the things. It will be exactly necessary it withhold us in it to take it serious it? With certainty, for three reasons, in first, because this proposal initiates something on the origin them things, in second, it makes it without image and fantastic report; in third, because in it even so only in pupa state, is contained the thought.